Clélia is a very attractive photographer starting a new job for a sensationalist newspaper. She soon becomes involved with three very different men: Cléve, a middle aged books editor, Nemo, a mysterious photographer and Rupert McRoi, the owner of the broadcasting and tabloid company where she works.

A talented young photographer, Claire is hired by a Canadian tabloid magnate, Mac Roi, to improve his company’s image. Claire knows that her mother once had an affair with this charismatic man and suspects that she may be his daughter. She meets Clève, an honest 30-something publisher whose company has just been bought up by Mac Roi. Claire is so taken by Clève’s unassuming charms that she agrees to marry him. But when she takes an interest in Némo, a photographer involved with illicit tracking, Clève starts to become very jealous... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tuukka P (fr) wrote: Aku Louhimiehen "sisarteos" Pahalle Maalle on kokoelma tarinoita ihmisist, jotka asuvat Vuosaaren kaupunginosassa. Teemoinaan yksinisyys ja ihmisten lheisyyden kaipuu, elokuvan mailma on realistinen (jopa inho) ja lopun pient toivonkipin lukuunottamatta, aika synkhk. Nyttelijsuoritukset ovat kautta linjan vahvoja.

Tyler P (ag) wrote: Pas gnial dans le genre mais j'trouve qu'ils s'en sont pas trop mal tirs vu le peu de moyens.

Mad M (ag) wrote: Charming and interesting phases. It has many different tones. Good performances.

Joshua F (gb) wrote: I don't get the positive reviews for this one. Boring horror.

Greg R (kr) wrote: I love this movie!!!...based on true events and certainly a positive story....Owen is very believable and the supporting cast is tremendous...had tears in my eyes at the end....nice sountrack too

Drew B (it) wrote: Swimming with Sharks is a dark and hysterical film that doesn't match up with your typical comedy. it has a frightening atmosphere, but still delivers laughs, and that is what this movie is all about.

Anthony C (us) wrote: Beautiful in so many ways.

Will R (ag) wrote: Worth more than you'd think.

Jack Y (ca) wrote: Heard so much about it over the years, and was gravely disappointed. It might have been great in 1964, but it was slow-paced and not that clever in 2012. Without Ustinov, this would be unbearable.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: Typical DF film but it's fun all the same!

Violet J (ru) wrote: This is like a pedophilic old man's wet dream. Revolting.

Christina F (ag) wrote: I love the labyrinth! Such a great movie! ^^

Logan M (jp) wrote: Delightfully cartoonish and fun to watch.

Josh M (jp) wrote: A little bit more savagery and gore can go a long way. That is all Krampus needs to be a great holiday horror. All other horror aspects are met besides those two important pieces. The human eating jack-in-the-box saves this movie from being a clunker.