Fields of the Dead

Fields of the Dead

Seven friends find themselves on an isolated farm. Here, they discover an ancient book, which summons demons from the surrounding woods. Now, these friends will have to find a way out of the fields, if they want to survive.

A group of seven friends is attracted by an isolated farm with a crackpot history. There, they unintentionally find an ancient book and summon the demons. Now, they have to get out of this farm or they will be killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark F (ca) wrote: This has great characters, is funny, and has a folksy kind of charm to it. The scene in the bar where they're all pretending to know about cricket is hilarious. It's not perfect...a cricket and jazz loving American doctor felt like a bit of a stretch at times. And I thought Paul's decision to stay came a little too easily based on what he'd gone through and what he must have been feeling, but hey, it was the resolution the film needed. A good watch overall.

Lucas S (us) wrote: Tommy Can Do Better.

Jesus H (mx) wrote: this sucks. hours wasted

Bjrn G (nl) wrote: interesting and fredrik lindstrom is somekinda genius both as a writer and here as an actor

Michael A (fr) wrote: It's good so fuck you if you don't like it.

Shawn S (it) wrote: This is mildly funny. Mike Myers is pretty good.

Tom D (br) wrote: Overrated, but worth the effort.

Gerry O (kr) wrote: Incredible, I think not! It's incredible though the amount of bad movies John Carradine accepted during his later career. This comes across as a really bad TV episode without any semblance of action. And, I believe, Phyllis Coates didn't even get paid. Avoid

Luis R (mx) wrote: Du musst Caligari werden

John B (br) wrote: Despite the critics, I enjoyed this one and was better than I anticipated. It's not a holiday classic, but, still worth watching

oniverse m (ru) wrote: this is awesome an a better love story then what i got in pearl harbor

John K (br) wrote: The true story is incredibly interesting and the characters are well painted with interesting backstories. Moreover, the setting is a love letter to grungy 90's New York City. That said, the characters can be incredibly frustrating and the story drags during the romantic periods.

Brad G (de) wrote: True Confessions is a Chinatown-lite neo noir loosely based around the famous unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder case that shocked late 40s Los Angeles. Robert Duvall's morally compromised police detective navigates both police and church corruption to reach the heart of the mystery--which might have connections to younger brother Robert DeNiro's power hungry priest. The mystery and setting are engaging, but as the plot slowly putters along the resolution becomes less and less of a concern. No real shocks or powerful revelations. VF.

Rudy R (de) wrote: Lame and poorly acted.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: What could have been a great psychological drama about loss and healing turns out to be a frustrating and tonal mess after a promising beginning. Full review on filmotrope. com