Fifty Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Based on Martin McGartland's real life story as a informant for the British Police to spy on the IRA. Taking place from 1987-1991, Martin (Jim Sturgess) works his way up the ranks of the IRA, while keeping his informant with the police Fergis (Ben Kingsley) at bay. In the process he saved numerous lives and is still in hiding from the IRA today.

Martin McGartland (Jim Sturgess) is a 21-year-old street boy who lives in North Ireland. The film is based on his story set in 1980s and released in 2008. He is a spy from the British police to inform various attacks of IRA, which prevents serial attacks . After his cover is blown, his lives and family is threatened. Eventually, he is shot and died in Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (au) wrote: Beyond The Obvious Low-Budget Lameness, The Story Coulda Had Potential. I've Seen Worse Scripts With Big Budgets Fare Better In Entertainment Value, This One Simply Suffers From Realism Due To The Over-Stretched Budget & Pisa-Poor Effects. It Was Always Gonna Be Bad In That Respect.

Jack B (ru) wrote: Somewhat too twisty for its own good, this Thriller still boasts a great central performance from Noomi Repace and oodles of bleak atmosphere.

K B (ru) wrote: Didn't realize that this is a good movie. I normally don't watch Telugu movies.

Martin S (gb) wrote: Worth a watch just for the opening sequence alone.

Meghan S (es) wrote: Horrible movie! Basically the exact same as the first one just a different setting with awful actors/actresses!

Yasmin T (br) wrote: I like their version of Mr. and Mrs. Bertram.

Al M (gb) wrote: Like its predecessor, which featured Naomi Watts, Children of the Corn V is probably most memorable for featuring an early performance from Eva Mendes, whose films (aside from Training Day) do not really ever get much better than this. Children of the Corn V is an even more forgettable entry in the series--it entertains for an hour or so, but it will leave you with little to remember.

Kyle B (es) wrote: The whole teen years of Rush's character dragged on and on to the point that Rush's "Lead" acting role was a questionable title, but as always Rush is wonderful and so are the supporting cast members most notably Noah Taylor

Joel A (br) wrote: This film is more cute than it is extraordinary...but it has appeal to it. Shirley McClain is her usual pain in the ass self and Nick Cage is gives a solid performance also.Not the most standout comedy of the mid 90's but is good for a few chuckles. I also felt underneath the comedy their where underlying themes and there where very subtle but there.I guess if you want a light comedy that has a little dig at American politics you'll like it...

Senor C (es) wrote: If Edge of Sanity teaches us anything it's to stay off the pipe. Anthony Perkins freebases cocaine & turns into Jack The Ripper Hyde visiting sex dens & killing prostitutes. Full of sleaze w/ sugar boobies, bi-sexual voyeurism, ass worship & masturbation w/ a cane you could say the Perkins is almost slumming it in this but when he turns into his split personality he's bravo. A pretty good trashy take on an old story

Pavan R (fr) wrote: Well made movie with a good role for Al Pacino after many years. Good story and well directed and edited. Entertaining overall

Bradlee C (ca) wrote: It was like an episode of TV's Leverage. Except it had Kurt Russell.

Joey G (it) wrote: Watched it on an airplane after being recommended as one of the funniest hidden gem movies ever. Maybe exhaled through my noise to "laugh" once or twice but this movie was pretty forgettable.

Ira Z (ca) wrote: Ok, it's a romcom, but does that mean it has to be dumb, unfunny, and trite? Obviously those who make such movies feel the movie viewing public must want their romantic comedies made like this. This film was made in 2009 and is just now seeing some viewing light. They should have kept it hidden and maybe burn all the copies. A complete waste of time.

JJ J (gb) wrote: Made me cry several times