• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   murder,  

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Fifty-fifty torrent reviews

Richy K (br) wrote: "The BIGFOOT project" depicts true horror of the unknown myth.

Anandhan G (fr) wrote: Again and again . So nice Perfomance by Sathyan And Jeeva. Good Movie For Vijay Anna.. VERY CUTE acting by <<<< ILLayaThalapathi>>>>>>>

Dinesh P (ca) wrote: A sweet simple film with lots of family emotions told in a simplistic and minimalism about of flashiness. A must watch film. Acting wise all are superb including the character artiste. It is a shame that Tendulkar was not a part of the film even though it revolves around his ferrari.

Anna C (fr) wrote: Well, it's a french movie, so it's very slow as always, but this time I must admit it isn't boring at all! Valerie Donzelli wrote, directed and acted in her own story with her husband. Both of them are good actors and they must be also really beautiful people... it's a drama, their only son ill with cancer since he was just 18 months old, but they tell the story in a very light way, so that sometimes it sounds almost like a fairy tale... My greatest compliments to this couple!

Marischa B (jp) wrote: there was a good twist in the end of 2 of the same people.

Isaac T (us) wrote: Cool MMA movie but it had some flaws

Kevin T (es) wrote: I still have yet to see Chinatown, but after hearing all the praise for that screenplay, I was extremely dissapointed with Ask The Dust. The script is very uneven and completely fails to explain the two main characters (Colin Farrel as Arturo Bandini, and Salma Hayek as Camilla) behaviours, they are often just left totally unmotivated. They yell at eachother for completely bizarre reasons, insulting eachother with endless amounts of racial slurs, and then proceed to go swimming together naked. There are many moments like this in the film and for me it created a complete lack of understanding of the characters, and if I don't understand the characters, how the hell am I supposed to get involved in the story? Colin Farrell does the best he can with the flawed writing and manages to play each scene very well, often drawing out texture in his performance that's lacking in the writing. The film also has very random, unexplained appearances from co-stars which are clearly just used as character devices, and in my opinion, quite ineffectively. An overall messy and unforgettable film. I never thought I'd say this; but even though Hayek is nude in this movie, it's not worth watching.

Mike G (us) wrote: Classic. Must watch for anyone who fancies themselves an fan of Anime.

Blake W (mx) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!

Nhung N (fr) wrote: In terms of mawkish, typical, girly chick-flick, this gave a glimpse to a unreachable pure kind of love. The ending leaves the viewers feeling empty and uncomfortable. But throughout the film there are many great moments and somehow I enjoyed seeing that pure kind of love prevail in becoming the thing to long for.

Ben L (us) wrote: Great Robert Downey Jr.Produced Flick -- perhaps not for everyone -- but I loved it!

Peter P (it) wrote: A story about love, mental illness and music, all wrapped into one nice neat package. Plus it has whales, and I love whales, plus I met the author once and he was a really nice guy, so that rocks too.

Adam C (es) wrote: Interesting concept, but lacking the humour and/or thrills needed to make it work.

Elvis A (es) wrote: Elvis r inte ens en lgbudgethippie!