Fighting Caravans

Fighting Caravans

Clint Belmet (Gary Cooper) is a bit of a firebrand and is sentenced to at least 30 days in jail, but his partners, Bill Jackson (Ernest Torrence) and Jim Bridger (Tully Marshall) talk a sympathetic Frenchwoman named Felice (Lili Damita) into telling the bumbling, drunken marshal that Clint had married her the previous night. Clint is released so he can accompany Felice on the wagon train heading west to California.

A young frontier scout helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try and save him from falling in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle C (it) wrote: I love Reese Witherspoon so I had to see this knowing that it could be really bad and although it wasn't spectacular, it was fun to sit through and it also had two hilarious scenes. This kinda reminded me of Killers and The Bounty Hunter, but it was much better than both of those although Killers wasn't all bad either. The chemistry between the 3 leads was good (especially the guys). Not the best of the year but RECOMMENDED for people that want to enjoy a 2 hour movie.

movie fan a (ag) wrote: i loved it!!thought it was hilariousss n loooved shahids acting!

Ashley W (mx) wrote: I love this film. Lynda is the friend everyone wants or wishes they had the guts to be like! My fav bitis the tea rooms. I love it when the old lady playing the piano starts to applaud her. Funny funny!

Ivonne K (ca) wrote: This is a non artistic movie but a consiousnes of the meaning of the human fact and human issue that are behind the wars and occupation forces. Focused in the Israel-Palestines conflict, the italian director Saverio Constanzo makes a pretty balance film without using, the Manichean perspective and the pittyness, a pretty good movie about the people who really are facing the conflicts. The ordinary people and the militar and human factor of the "enemy" soldiers who also carry stories and in certain way had been programed through speeches and had been involved on the army by economical necesities of their family.

Jonathan H (mx) wrote: mildly entertaining, the funny moments are strictly necessary to the plot.

Vincent P (us) wrote: Equal parts batshit crazy and heartfelt

John S (ag) wrote: The best of the Pink Panthers.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Adjani is so uncommonly pretty and smart at the start of the film that her degeneration manages to catch us completely off guard.

Lotti K (au) wrote: This is my new favorite movie, if for the giant lobster rape alone. (Though the "rosary job" was also a treat.) So excited to be working on the Divine doc!

Adrienne L (au) wrote: Its hard to ignore the extreme racism of the times, the deer scene, the idea that a woman almost being raped is sexy, and a nine-year-old drinking coffee is normal. All that aside it was still an entertaining ride. I love singing 'The River of No Return'.

Eric R (ag) wrote: The Border Incident tells the story of a smuggling ring involving Mexican farmers being brought into the United States for work. When the Mexicans are sent home, they are killed and robbed by the same ring of their valuables. This leads to the United States and Mexican government teaming up to find out who is behind these crimes. The border incident is a noir western featuring moody cinematography which really creates a tension filled film. Its a gritty, taut thriller which features some of the best action and fight sequences I have ever seen for the time. Its all very genuine looking. It also features some of the best black and white cinematography, particularly lighting, that I have ever seen. Most of the film plays out as a Cat and Mouse game, as the undercover police infiltrate the smuggling right, trying to find out who is behind the murders. The cast is strong, particularly Howard Da Silva, who as the leader of the smuggling ring is eerily calm yet a quietly intimating presence. I think whats most amazing about this film is how its dissection of the horrors of illegal immigration are still very prevalent today. The film speaks of "a great union between two republics" which will protect the immigrant workers...

nicklas h (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first movie, but still a great movie. Too bad it is not the exact same cast as the last movie, but the new cast is great too, i hope there will be a born to race 3, the series is great so far

Thomas B (us) wrote: Grade - A-David O. Russell once again delivers a fun, realistic, heartfelt story packed with great performances, loveable characters and wonderfully written dialogue. An uplifting movie not to be missed.