Fighting Fear

Fighting Fear

Told through the eyes of two friends Big Wave Pro-surfer Mark Mathews and MMA fighter Richie 'Vas' Vaculik.

Mark and Richie dream of being the best. Both are fearless, daring each other to surf bigger waves, party harder, take greater risks which triggers a series of events that threaten to derail everything they have worked so hard for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke J (de) wrote: Amazingly compelling look at how quickly Hollywood can create one of the biggest egos I've ever seen.

I am A (au) wrote: The worst doesn't belong in the series

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Wondrous Oblivion" takes place in South London in 1960 where David Wiseman(Sam Smith) is the child of Jewish refugees(Emily Woof & Stanley Townsend). He attends a private school where despite his love for the sport of cricket, he cannot play a lick. One day, the Wisemans get new neighbors from Jamaica. The father(Delroy Lindo) builds a cricket pitch in his backyard to coach his daughter, Judy(Leonie Elliott), in the sport. And soon he is also coaching David, too...[/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Wondrous Oblivion" is an amiable bit of anti-nostalgia that is well-meaning to the hilt. It deftly avoids the sugarcoating that usually occurs with coming-of-age movies, in order to explore the racism and prejudice of the day, while also promoting the broadening of one's horizons. The movie is about how a society improves and diversifies itself by embracing the children of immigrants by way of the dominant culture. In the movie, this is embodied in cricket(And there is a creative use for a cricket ball in the movie.) where playing and having fun are important, not winning. [/font]

Ethan P (au) wrote: O Brother, Where Art Thou is a dusty, nimble adventure that has it's own awesome sense of goofiness and fun. It looks and feels spectacular. It's bathed in browns and greys so it looks old and faded, but it isn't tired or dreary. It's exploding with quirkiness and energy. The prisoners run across stunning rural landscapes and quaint little farms dressed in pristine period jail uniforms and tattered rags. The prisoners are richly drawn and their idiosyncrasies are really amusing. Their dim-witted dialogue, exasperated expressions and adventures are hilarious. Some of the funniest moments were them escaping from the barn in flames, the opening where they clumsily run away from the work camp and the ending where the flood saves them from being hanged.Even though it encompasses themes like the Depression, racism, crime and even includes a KKK gathering, the film sustains a gleefully ironic and pleasant mood throughout, similar to something like Forest Gump. It's so fun that I didn't even notice the absence of any real cohesive story. It dances delightfully through one outrageous event after another and builds slowly to become an enthralling and absurd journey. And I loved all the clever period details, like the Slick Dan's hair gel, the cars, the bloodhounds, the populist politics. A lot of creativity and fun was put into the film. It was odd, but I really enjoyed it.

Guido S (es) wrote: A former marine turns teacher in a problem section of the local high school where teachers come and go almost daily, She's about to quit, when she starts to enjoy teaching the kids. One of the kids doesn't want to be there and becomes her personal project. A few other students are bright, but need help. Not much more going on in the movie. This did spawn off one of the greatest rap songs in the mid-90s with Coolio's Gangter's Paradise. This movie is too simplistic for me and could have been a little better.

David S (ag) wrote: Wajda's film mixes documentary footage with a backstory of how the son of the leader of a workers' movement rises to prominence. The seemingly central story of a journalist's finding his calling/courage doesn't ever click, and I kept wishing for more of the other stories.

Rex M (fr) wrote: A cute little love story set in Chinatown. A groundbreaking film for Asian American's.

Oliver B (nl) wrote: if the Pirates of the Caribbean ride literally came to life this is what it would look like. awesome.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: The legendary summer blockbuster with perfect direction by Steven Spielberg is the true reminder of how a decent blockbuster should be done.

Gillian M (es) wrote: very good film just a little bit complicated for an action film and I kept becoming confused, you really need to pay attention. its only flaw is it's very predictable (you see the twists coming) but it is very enjoyable none the less.

Harry W (kr) wrote: Like Touch of Evil or The Third Man, The Lady from Shanghai explores Orson Welles' skill involving the film noir genre and combines his talents with that of the famous Rita Hayworth to ensure that it features compelling performances enough for the audiences to stick around, and with Orson Welles in the lead role there's no denying that its bound to succeed, and he puts on a flawless Irish accent.And Like her character, Rita Hayworth puts up a great performance as the core of the story's mystery and also maintains a fine level of sex appeal due to her seductive nature, so like all the other characters in the story, the audience is just unable to take their eyes off her, which ensures that the audience more-or-less embodies the mindset of Michael O'Hara, aside from his instincts.The Lady from Shanghai is undoubtedly one of Orson Welles' finest yet lesser known films, and his handling of noir themes is matched only by his excellent performance in the lead role, and the atmosphere he provides is constantly intense in a series of immaculately executed scenes.And even though it's a little slow to start off with and is relatively strange, once the intensity kicks in The Lady from Shanghai vastly becomes a compelling example of film noir to add to Orson Welles' fine filmography.