Fighting Tommy Riley

Fighting Tommy Riley

An aging trainer and a young fighter, both in need of a second chance, team-up to overcome the demons of their past...and chase the dreams of their future.

An aging trainer and a young fighter, both in need of a second chance, team-up to overcome the demons of their past...and chase the dreams of their future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (fr) wrote: There wants to be depth here, but there isn't. What you have is a plethora of Biblical names and the stories that they impart pasted over the faintest whisper of plot. Sara is supposedly the key protagonist, but like her Biblical namesake she more often seems to be wandering at the whims of others, bearing a burden she probably didn't ask for let alone expect in the form of a baby. Michael-On-The-Radio, or Scripturally one of the mighty archangels becomes Sara's companion and likely husband, all at the orchestration of the mysterious and prophetically-named Samuel, a "doctor of the soul" who sacrifices himself to save Sara and her baby in a dramatic confrontation with none other than David, the Biblical giant-killer. It almost pains me to mention that there's a mannequin named Cristos.None of which comes to anything. God is not present here, despite an assembling of many of the folks who were testimonies to His existence, Scripturally. The best the movie can advocate for is the idea that "hope abides" - a nod to either a poem by Sri Chimnoy or 1 Corinthians 13:13, or probably both. There is an enigmatic figure of evil here, garbed in black and attended by two other dark-clad and mysterious entities, bent on stealing Sara's child. A rough allusion to Satan's efforts to destroy the Son of God? Perhaps - but to no point.The scenario is an interesting one. I believe that the cast was capable of far more than they were tasked with, and that the director should probably be severely castigated in this regard. Don't bother watching this. The cast and the scenario are not enough to breathe life into something that perhaps was more compelling on a smaller stage and with a tighter script.

Alfred I (mx) wrote: Best gangsta horror movie ever! This movie has a what a tweeeeeest and the movie sends a message...... go figure :/

Al H (it) wrote: A not so bad/notso good film post STAR WARS.

Panayiota K (ru) wrote: Based on the reviews and the IMDB trivia i got a positive feeling about this movie (like Montgomery Clift wasn't a reason enough). We get an interesting example of the situation during the 30's/great depression and a passion story. Montgomery Clift and the amazing Lee Remick had great chemistry

Stefanos T (br) wrote: Although I love everything about this movie, I can hardly justify rating Bob Le Flambeur anything higher compared to Melville's later films, where he's style and trademark have emerged.

Caleb C (ag) wrote: I love this film, Judy Garland is the absolute best!!!

Karen F (it) wrote: I nearly died of died of boredom

Fred W (es) wrote: Mr Bean at his best.

Andrew I (nl) wrote: I saw the first half hour of this. Whilst there were glimmers of hope with particular Life-Of-Brian-like turns of phrase, whilst I like the Pythons, whilst I like animals and zoos and the general premise, it had one main flaw - it wasn't funny. In fact, it was distasteful bordering on sick, so after Rollo's quite predictable killing off of a bunch of cute animals, I was glad of the advert break to help make my mind up. To be avoided.