Fighting Words

Fighting Words

A romantic drama set against the world of slam poetry competitions.

A romantic drama set against the world of slam poetry competitions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rafael M (es) wrote: Watch out for the onions.

Brandon H (jp) wrote: I'm a HUGE AVGN fan and this movie didn't disappoint.

Cheyenne L (it) wrote: Best movie ever. I was so hooked after the commercial and the way it plays out only makes it that more intense.

Aaron C (de) wrote: same old shit recycled from past movies because the supposed target audience is to dumb to have seen anything good babys first thriller movie leaves little to the imagination much like the white tops Jennifeer lawrence prances about in

Matheus M (de) wrote: What a beautiful movie!!!!

Carlos Z (es) wrote: Intriguing movie. Flashback to the 1970s.

Kristen P (it) wrote: Most people that love Horror/Thriller like this movie but I found it pretty silly, though I appreciated Emma Caulfield's honest performance.

mafer c (ru) wrote: talvez la vi en el momento equivocado, porque no entend por qu lleg al final. muy buen momento, cuando el escritor y el 2ndo amante bailan junto a la ventana. eso es lo que me acuerdo de la peli, tena 16.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Impressive low budget sci-fi horror with the awesome Brad Dourif in one of his best and most interesting roles. i loved the blend of humor and violence. if you havent seen it, you`re missing out on a spectacular b-movie experience!

Art V (fr) wrote: If this movie is on TV or available in the Red Box and you have nothing going on, you would be better off watching Ghost Adventures or Bear Grylls on Discovery. The element of horror this movie is not. This movie is more like a test of desert survival myths - somebody call Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci. I feel bad for Lacey Chabert as she is talented but cannot find her niche outside of TV and cartoon voices; maybe she doesn't want to.

(es) wrote: Good movie, quite close to the book (Christ Recrucified). However, french dialogues from "greek" people sounds wierd. Once again, Kazantzakis through Jules Dassin makes you wonder about the true meaning of god, religion and ..priests

Jason M (fr) wrote: This film is based on the classic and influential 1945 George Orwell book of the same name. The book is a direct allegory of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin (Napolean in the film). The film is animated but strictly made for adults.Great film or simply a reflection of a great book? I say both. The film itself was influential in its own right and represents an early form of a major full length animation for a feature adult film. Given that the film dates from 1954, the animation is somewhat crude by today's standards, but the delivery of this classic book has made this a famous film in its own right. Many historical figures are represented by the animals, including Leon Trotsky as Snowball, Karl Marx as Old Major, Josef Stalin as Napolean, Tsar Nicholas II as Mr. Jones, Nazi Germany as Mr. Whymper, Aleksei Stakhanov as Boxer, George Orwell himself as Benjamin, NKVD as the dogs, and the Raven as organized religion amongst others.The film was in fact financed by the CIA, as part of their Cold War propaganda. Unfortunately, their influence revised the story subtly, such as the murder of Snowball and especially the ending of the film, which depicts a 2nd revolution. However, the revisions do not tarnish the overall themes and messages of the book.The book and film have inspired countless others, including Roger Waters, to write the classic Pink Floyd concept album "Animals" from 1977.

James C (us) wrote: Not entirely sure how to really rate this. Anyone familiar with David Lynch's movies knows he does some pretty crazy shit anyway and this is just one weird ass movie. Unlike the more straight forward Wild at Heart or Blue Velvet this one is just all over the map from start to finish, probably Lynch's more experimental piece. The basic synopsis centers around a guy with a Kid n Play haircut who ends up getting his girlfriend (future wife) pregnant to which they end up having a deformed baby that resembles a alien more than a human being. But in fashion along the lines of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Pink Floyd's The Wall it uses a lot of crazy imagery along with a black and white theme that ends up being a total mind****. Certainly worth checking out if you are into this kind of stuff but i can not really rate it as good or bad, just crazy.N/A