Fill Me with Life

Fill Me with Life

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Un drama urbano de amor y marginalidad, drogas y caídas al abismo. Eso ofrece el segundo largometraje de Josetxo San Mateo que se inicia cuando David, un chico que vive en la calle por ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (ag) wrote: little bit unusual movie. dead sister who has become soul taker from people who die has to go through dilemma about taking or leaving her alive sister bf`s soul. while meeting sister he changes her life and helps to find meaning for it.

Chris K (au) wrote: The gallery owner is/was such a hilarious fraud it made me gawk. As he copies photographs and manifests himself as having a hidden agenda I was convinced that this is such bs. "Yea modern art is bs and that was my goal along, to convince the abstract art world what bs they are, that is why in a few weeks im going to have another show and sell more abstract paintings! While saying how great they are" Oh please. The fact that he thought sense he spent more time on a work that it justified he earn more money or that his work was better, is so overt and idiotic. People need to understand that the reason abstract art is not considered dumb, is because it isn't trying to be something unoriginal and useless, like the gallery owner's photorealism. With that said, it is evident that the paintings which people liked were just copies of Kandinsky, Pollock etc. No one would care about those paintings if they were done by an adult becuase the banality is so obvious but if a kid does work like kandinsky ohhh it must be legitimate because a kid is incapable of understanding and mimicking beautiful art. The fact that the two videos of her paintings showed her paintings the same way in the same style reveals that in no way could she be responsible for the prolific and expressive output of art which made her famous. And on the "ocean" paintings I wouldn't doubt if the kid was being told exactly what to do by the dad who was filming her girl, who apparently cant paint when people are filming her? On the better paintings it is obvious the father, or anyone for that matter, did them physically. The mark quality is just so different.I had not even seen the documentary and I knew this was bs. It is impossible for a kid to create legitimate abstract art that is masterful and thematic because it is a kid, isn't that obvious. What the hell could a 4 year old express? Her trip to the water park? It will be clear a decade from now when Marla is attending community college and contemplating suicide because her parents used her as a front for as Welles would say "trickery and fraud." The only argument against is one that would detail that the parents could not be that stupid to think they could get away with this, now or many years from now. They would have to then convince their kid, who would have developed a mind by then and realized what her parents have done to her life, to also play along. Right.As a documentary though it is good, lucky. It isn't remarkable if you want a remarkable documentary on art then watch "F for Fake."

Cristi B (ru) wrote: pentru genu asta de film chiar nu ma asteptam la sfarsitu ala

John B (br) wrote: Huh. An interesting product from Sokurov. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I have seen any Russian films other than from Sokurov. Here we have a very interesting relationship between a father and son that seems to border on relationship territory. Throw in a girlfriend and things are really weird..particularly in those long looks.

Tino P (ca) wrote: Both the actress and the character she's playing are stranded in a vapid film about vapid teens

Daniel R (jp) wrote: Spoof of horror movies is a one joke movie but its attempt is worthy of viewing.

Peter H (ru) wrote: Charming road trip movie with great music, sparky, energetic performances and a real heart.

Clay B (de) wrote: CAPRICORN ONE (1978)