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Chad E (jp) wrote: Not as bad as it's been made out to be.

Matt M (jp) wrote: Charlie Sheen plays a graphic designer who descends into utter misery after his girlfriend leaves him. There have been some arguments in favour of Roman Coppola's A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swan III that have called it a misunderstood tribute to seventies film. However, there is very little to admire in a film that is uncertain about whether it wants to be deadpan or childish - so in the end it is just cardboard. On top of that, its general humour is rather weak and filmmaker doesn't appear skilled enough to give the drama any relevant importance. The saddest element of all, however, is Charlie Sheen. Not only his perhaps premature casting in a role that feels like a surrogate of his own 'controversial' lifestyle often feel very uncomfortable, but it's even worse to see the embarrassing rare instances where the film requires him to act - particularly when we remember that this is the same man who once starred in Platoon.

Talon B (ca) wrote: This should be retitled to Philosophy Of Bad Editing, just so you know what you're getting into. Here's a perfect case of a filmmaker who loves footage. Not just his stock footage, newsreel footage, but his original footage, too, and just can't stand to discard any of it for the sake of making a better movie. Endless shots of snowy landscapes and take after take of everything he turns his camera on make it one of the most boring and uneventful shock-films of all time. And yes, while it does show some gruesome torture and death (both real and reenactments)

hott m (mx) wrote: i love winnie the pooh!!!!!

Andi Z (br) wrote: north shore is about this guy who is named Rick Kane. & He wants to go to Hawaii & surf the big waves, Just like the pros do. before he heads off to College. on the way to Hawaii. He Gets Mugged. some tugs steals his things like his art set. his walltet. & his belt. so with the help of some locals he gets his stuff back. then he finds the girl of his dreams. this is a real funny movie. it has surfng. & romace all rolled in to one. this is one movie to add to your List!

Private U (ru) wrote: Ei mun mielesta Kaurismaen parhaimmistoa, mutta oikein hyva joka tapauksessa. Pellonpaa on loistava viinaan menevan roskakuskin roolissa (that figures).

Kojo O (jp) wrote: Cute, fun, enjoyable and harmless.

Drew R (ru) wrote: Wasn't too long or too boring, it just kind was. I was pleased with the actors I didn't know, love Max (Schmidt from New Girl!) and think this was Aubrey Plaza's best role acting-wise because she showed a bit more depth than playing Julie in Scott Pilgrim, a zombie in Life After Beth, or a highschool sexer in To Do List. I love her. However, she and Max aren't the leads so there wasn't enough of them for me! I did like what it had to say about relationships in the social media age. An average film that wanted to be more and could have been had the emotions run a bit stronger through the second act.

Stephen J (ru) wrote: Finally watched it? Amazing.

Breanna S (us) wrote: Loved it!! It was better than Never Say Never!!

Katrina J (de) wrote: For a movie of its time the action sequences were impressive.

krupa p (kr) wrote: This was laughs, the characters where fab I especially loved "Grandma". lol omg all I kept thinking was '3 generations!'