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Brett H (gb) wrote: A badass post-apocalypse movie featuring vampires as the horrifying creatures they're meant to be, and not once is it predictable or lazy! The film is a violent thrill-ride with many clever encounters with vampires and the dark tone is set in stone from the opening scene that may put off the sensitive viewers, but I applaud the realism! The character of "Mister" is essentially the backwoods-Blade and his no-nonsense attitude as well as skills with hunting vampires and collecting their teeth is just awesome! The film's budget was modest so they had to stick to practical effects and make-up and they pull it all off with spades; there's no sparkles on these vampires! One of the most unique scenes involves a not-so-subtle representation of God's Hand casting the creatures from the sky onto the sinners and as over-the-top as it is; I love the hell out of it! Simply put: a fun vampire flick that doesn't skimp out on the brutality.

Bryce F (au) wrote: A film about an estranged alcoholic father, a young man in need of a father figure , and finding friendship in the least of all likely places. A must see for anyone with a strained father-son relationship.

Matthew B (br) wrote: Jim has finally proposed to Michelle and the old gang is back to celebrate. Can Jim survive Stifler's bachelor party, meeting Michelle's parents and learning to dance. This movie has funny jokes and it's enjoyable.

Don S (kr) wrote: Dear Ndugu, This is a good film. Sad and depressing, but good. Nice to see Jack Nicholson play someone his age with women his age! Kathy Bates, as always, steals the show! (Seriously, is there any movie or tv show that she is in that she hasn't?) I was rolling at her line, "Larry, we've been welcomed by you, thank you so much, now would you please just drink your fucking milk and shut the fuck up." Priceless!

Taylor R (de) wrote: Was I just supposed to learn something or was this actually supposed to be entertaining? Either way it fails. But at least there's a few cute girls.

Fabrice P (gb) wrote: super mix d'humour / tragdie, dans la ligns de "la vie est belle". Les plaisirs de la vie et la tragdie de cette priode se tlscopent.

Matt G (mx) wrote: An accomplishment in tone and performance. The use of perspective is crucial. Suffocating wide shots. Unconventional coverage makes when terror strikes feel sudden and inevitable. The synth score works until the final scenes, supplanting silence from the first half with aimless noise. The feeling of isolation, lack of emotional catharsis for the protagonist, us knowing she's likely incapable of ending this phase of her life, is reminiscent of A Woman Under the Influence in the best possible way.

Zac N (nl) wrote: This movie is crazy! They introduced toads to control some bugs and now the toads are out of control.

Chris T (br) wrote: 'Bullies' is a bit of an inadequate term for the Cullens, a family of serial murderers and sex offenders who decide to pick on the nice Morris family. Young Matt, pushed too far, is forced to take the law into his own hands in a bloody showdown, taking on the entire Cullen family with nothing more than his wits, a box of matches and an old gin trap to help him. This is old-fashioned exploitation trash, and quite grim in places. Still, it's nice to see one of the d'Abo sisters getting work, and there's no skimping on the nastiness when the Cullen boys get payback for their outrages. Even spineless stepdad Clay eventually joins in with the slaughter, proving that if someone pisses you off enough, the only thing to do is to kill their ass. Stick around for the amusing lyrics warbled by an 80s songstress over the end credits. ''Fear is a weapon, used by the mighty', she croons, in a song made up entirely of cliched and morally confused vigilante epithets.

Jay J (es) wrote: 4.5! is that her score or the reading on the Richter scale?

Jennifer A (es) wrote: Robert Altman rolls the dice with Elliott Gould and George Segal. California Split (1974) - 7.5/10 Director - Robert Altman Starring - George Segal, Elliott Gould, Ann Prentiss, Gwen Welles, Ed Walsh, Joseph Walsh, Bert Remsen Bill (George Segal) and Charlie (Elliott Gould) are compulsive gamblers. Bill is on a losing streak; his marriage is on the rocks and he's about to lose his job. Charlie is a loose cannon living with two hookers (Ann Prentiss and Gwen Welles). The two men become buddies and hope that together they can turn their fortunes around. "California Split" isn't considered to be one of Robert Altman's most significant works. That said it probably doesn't deserve to be one of his most forgotten works either. After five years of deconstructing genres Altman created an almost freestyle film. The narrative is loose, the improvisation manic and plot is virtually non-existent. And for the most part it works remarkably well because Altman is so in tune with the atmosphere of the film. From the opening scene the viewer feels like they are in the same smoke-filled room as Bill and Charlie. We become distracted by the faces, the noises, the livliness of the room. It certainly has a documentary feel to it. And Altman wastes no time in developing the quirks of the two main characters, assuring the viewer that we won't be wasting our time following these two guys. In fact when the films reaches a lull it almost seems intentional; the guys just lose steam for awhile. Obviously Altman is a confident filmmaker, but even so this wouldn't work without the chemistry of the two leads. George Segal and Elliott Gould play off each other incredibly well. As genuine as the friendship appears, you can also sense how fragile it is, afterall these are complusive gamblers. One truly funny and telling scene show the two men drinking at a bar when one issues a bet; can you name the seven dwarfs? Eliott Gould has the best lines and he's comedic gold in this film. George Segal's character has more of an arc serving as the conscience of the film. Fans of Altman will certainly appreciate "California Split" but I don't think you have to be an Altman fan to enjoy it. The film not only serves up its share of laughs, but it's also offers one of the best depictions of gambling seen on film.

Hilary K (jp) wrote: confusing but awesome

K G (us) wrote: this is wonderful! Bob Hope is great as Ronnie Jackson. there are so many hilarious scenes in this; it's truly a memorable spoof on the classic detective movies. this is a lovely movie, all around.

Mark K (mx) wrote: A very well made, enthusiastic, and highly suspenseful thriller.

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: Barry manages to carry the first 30 minutes, but I knew as soon as Lucy Punch entered the picture, the film would focus more on the disgusting than humor. Other than Sarah Silverman, not many actresses can ruin a movie quicker than Lucy Punch.

Andrs Antonio H (jp) wrote: La cara mas horrible del narco mas temido de todos los tiempos :/