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Elisa T (de) wrote: Divertissant avec une pointe d'emotion.Ce n'est pas le film de l'annee mais c'est tres sympa de retrouver ensemble Jose Garcia, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Gad, Omar, Franck Dubosc, Ramzy et JoeyStarr.

Abigail R (ag) wrote: I think this film would have been more of a success if it came out around now. It seems more relevant to what's in the media today than when it came out in 2011. It was simply ahead of its time.

john p (us) wrote: I like the riddick movies and can't wait for the next one

Dann M (ag) wrote: Guising itself as a family comedy, Spanglish is an incredibly offensive film that promotes prejudice and intolerance against white America. The story follows a Mexican single mother who comes to America (illegally) with her daughter and takes a job as a housekeeper to a rich, white family in LA; but she soon becomes concerned that her job is leading her daughter to become Americanized. The not so subtle message being, don't accept help from the white man and resist integration with American culture. The mother is portrayed as heroic for tearing her daughter away from her white friends and for rejecting a scholarship for her daughter to attend a private school. Meanwhile the white family is shown to be debaucherous; with fat, lazy children, a cheating wife, and a weak-willed husband. Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni, and Paz Vega lead the cast and play their roles well-enough; but the film fails them, as the characters are written to serve the heavy handed political messages. Propagandist tripe, Spanglish is shameless and insulting.

Jill F (nl) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. It's charming, ridiculous, peaceful and lovely. The idea of fate is so appealing in this too fast world of practical and technological. A beautiful escape!

Private U (de) wrote: Pretty good if you like soft porn.

Joe M (fr) wrote: Just another "western" set on the steppes with the Cossacks and Poles playing the cowboys and indians.

Private U (nl) wrote: My 2nd favorite B&W flick! This movie has a great ending, great mood, and some great acting as well. I thought this was gonna be another cheap B movie but it turned out to be one of my fav's. The cememtary map rules!

Jonas (fr) wrote: En stjrna och en planet rusar mot jorden. Planeten kommer missa men stjrnan kommer att utplna den. Forskare brjar fixa med en "modern" noas ark dr delar ur mnskligheten (alla kaukasiska amerikaner) och en del djur ska rddas genom att flyga en rymdraket till planeten som missade. Ganska tradig sci-fi med hyffsade effekter fr att vara frn '51. Kvasireligisa undertoner r sllan roliga, och nr de landar p den nya planeten s hrs kyrkokren i bakgrunden. Halleluja!

Jack S (ca) wrote: Falls apart in the second half. Doesn't show his rise in the Cocaine world.

Giorgio P (us) wrote: Well edited, well acted, well shot, and unpredictable.

Tim M (nl) wrote: good performances - a little slow perhaps

Farah R (gb) wrote: With an intriguing storyline and prominent leads, Regression had the potential to be a masterpiece of suspense and tension instead of the psychological mess it turned out to be. Focusing on the effects of paranoia on a detective investigating a case of satanic abuse rather than the horrific crime itself lessened the plot and made the conclusion rather disappointing.

Darren B (ru) wrote: Who says it's only recently that the studios try to cash-in on original films with numerous sequels. Not really anything wrong with it, but its just a really low budget version of the original.