Filme Demência

Filme Demência

Transposition of the myth of Faust to modern Brazil. The heir to a bankrupt cigarette factory, amidst a personal crisis, leaves everything behind and heads for a supposed paradise he has ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Transposition of the myth of Faust to modern Brazil. The heir to a bankrupt cigarette factory, amidst a personal crisis, leaves everything behind and heads for a supposed paradise he has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucki R (kr) wrote: Love him, he's funny!

Erik W (es) wrote: Not terribly creepy, but definitely unsettling. Great concept and throwback to the ultra-violent 70's and 80's flicks that we grew up on. I really didn't care about the characters, but the ending was a nice little nod to more modern "You're Fucked" endings. Nice endgame setup, and intense climax. Could have been about 20 min shorter. Save this one for when you want a little horror come Christmas-time. Watch all the way through the foreboding credit sequence.

Japes (it) wrote: I really liked the twist at the end....but I didn't really like anything else about it. All the characters for the most part, were extremely obnoxious. None of them were likable. I don't really understand the overused cannibalistic concept either. Sure the 14 kids were brainwashed and seriously fucked up, but do they REALLY need to be cannibals on top of everything else? It's just so cliche and old. Since they used to be normal kids, you would think they wouldn't eat people, despite being drugged. I think it was just added to throw in some gore, but the gore really wasn't that great. I would've liked it a whole lot better if the kids didn't eat their victims. Sure it's disgusting, but I've seen it so many times. I'm just unphased by it now. The twist at the end, was a nice touch. I think Kyle should've been in the movie more. There were so many ideas crammed into this 1 hour and a half long movie. It just seemed really rushed. You didn't get much of a background about the pharmacist or Kyle's story either. I think the movie should've centered on Kyle's disappearance rather than all the other random shit happening in the movie like the motel couple. It was all just really unnecessary. Overall it was a pretty forgettable movie. I don't even remember why the pharmacist did those things to the kids, and that seems like an important part to remember. FAIL.

David J (au) wrote: Its original, which is a rarity in the genre. Bandslam is a fun ride with a lot of charm.

Sam S (gb) wrote: It was absolutely wonderful up until season 3.

Demi B (us) wrote: cheerfull, happy, i would watch it for the second time with great ease

gary t (jp) wrote: well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that steve martin, helena bonham carter, laura dern, lynne thigpen, keith david, scott caan, kevin bacon, mindy suzanne, jobe cerny play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that steve martin, kevin bacon, keith david, helena bonham carter were good throughout this movie........i think that the director of this comedy movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......i think that this is a good comedy movie 2 watch n its enjoyable

Nick M (au) wrote: You get Bill Murray as a mobster moonlighting as a comedian. You get Robert De Niro as a sensitive cop. They play their parts well, which I feel should go without saying given the caliber of actor here. They just have nothing to do. Despite it's best efforts, Mad Dog and Glory is a mostly boring film with a few sparse moments of real entertainment. It's too bad. It could have really been good, but it moves at such a slow pace. I suppose there's a reason this movie is mostly forgotten now.

Renee L (it) wrote: After viewing this movie, the word "Swiftian" popped into my head. Really funny and campy, and deeply... something. I want to watch it again.

Private U (kr) wrote: My all time favorite movie because it was the first VHS movie I ever owned

Toby S (br) wrote: I have the original copy of this movie on VHS and still love it.

Scott M (mx) wrote: MAGIC (1978): Anthony Hopkins' finest performance, bar none! Hopkins' crazed ventriloquist is nuttier than Dr. Lecter and, most importantly, not a cartoonish caricature of a psychotic; we feel for Corky even as we fear for the high school sweetheart (the lovely Ann-Margret) he re-connects with after running away from a promising career in showbiz. Masterful score by Jerry Goldsmith balances the romantic and suspenseful elements in equal measure. The tv spots for this scared children so much that the ads were pulled after angry parents complained to affiliates!

Estelle B (jp) wrote: There are hardly words to describe how much I find Louis de Funes hilarious. This is the best de Funes to me. Favorite quptes: Flattez-moi, mon Blaise. Valet? Valet? Suisse vous etes!

Chris G (de) wrote: Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster teams Godzilla with one of his arch enemies, Mothra, in order to save the day. Any movie that does that is a good movie to me.

Greg W (ca) wrote: Simple, black-and-white, more arresting as a shocking polemic than as memorable drama.

Calum B (au) wrote: Beauty abounds in "Niagara," a 1953 film starring Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, and Jean Peters. There's the beauty and power of Niagara Falls, spectacularly displayed throughout the movie, and the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, who is gorgeous in Technicolor. Monroe is the unhappy wife of the unstable George Loomis, played by an appropriately seedy Joseph Cotten. It's not clear whether or not Marilyn drove him to his present state, but he's wound pretty tight. Monroe and her lover plan George's demise via the falls. Jean Peters and Max Showalter are a vacationing couple who become more involved than they want to, Peters bearing the acting burden of the film. The casting is great (although the Peters role originally was supposed to go to Anne Baxter). Peters' wholesome prettiness is in sharp contrast to Monroe's va-va-va-voom.Having grown up near the Falls, it was both interesting and enjoyable to see them featured. And, as we all know who've been there, the Canadian side, where this movie was filmed, is far more beautiful. Given today's security problems, I loved the scene where Monroe intended to walk across to the American side to avoid being questioned while in a car.I've seen candid photos of Marilyn Monroe taken around the time of filming, and she was surely at the peak of her beauty and sensuality. Though I've always felt her very careful enunciation detracted from her dramatic acting, she's very good as the cheating wife. It's funny to read occasionally that the physical standard of beauty is thinner today - her figure, like the rest of her, is fabulous, shown off in a variety of clothing by Dorothy Jeakins, who was a prominent costumer on Broadway and in film.There's really not much to the story of "Niagara." It's a standard tale of love, betrayal, and murder set against a magnificent backdrop and given spark by spirited performances. Well worth seeing.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Great story, solid acting, and editing that allows the story to unfold at it's proper pace. Dick Moore and Walter Brennan nearly steal the show - except that Cooper nails his performance also. A must see film regardless of your position on war.

Donald L (kr) wrote: Story and acting were good, but it kinda drags in the middle.

Mauricio R (au) wrote: I can imagine the over-the-top and implausible action is intentional, but the frequency with which it appears isn't exactly an asset.Other than that, the Angels' cheesy outfit changes, the humor and the movie's noticeable intent to not be taken too seriously work to its benefit.

Jason C (it) wrote: It's a shame that Robin Williams' final film was this frequently grubby and unpleasant piece of work but at least he provides most of the comic moments as Dennis the Dog. Otherwise this is largely a steaming mess of ill-executed ideas and half-postulated thoughts that screams for a second pair of eyes and a lot of red ink throughout a bomb of a script.