Filmer le désir

Filmer le désir


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Brett S (kr) wrote: Good casting and great cinematography. The story seemed to mimic a tsunami, ignore the warning signs amid all the tranquility and everything can change in an instant.

Marion R (ca) wrote: Reminded me of Tarantino, in a good way. Overall I thought it was okay.

Alex A (ru) wrote: A very, very, very guilty pleasure of mine, Mobsters is an unpopular gangster flick that I've been fond of for a long time. Yes, it's pretty inaccurate historically and the story of rising to the top is nothing new, but the set, clothing and production design as well as the soundtrack do the time period of story justice in my opinion. Essentially a Young Guns-style mafia picture, Mobsters is entertaining for me and decently acted, though not perfect, with some uber-violent moments in it.

Rose S (mx) wrote: If you like a movie with lots of twists and turns,you will like this one.

Anna N (ag) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

David H (it) wrote: It don't catch the same Spirit as the Original but a similar Spirit a good Horror Movie

Aman A (es) wrote: Yeah, alright. This is a decent movie that should be watched when you want to watch a nonsense film that doesn't make you feel horrible watching it. Acting is very average. Storyline is okay. Thrilling elements are low. Dialogues are pretty poor. The ancillary characters and their idiosyncracies make this movie enjoyable.

Jack P (ag) wrote: The iconic graphic novel has finally been adapted into an animated film. Given a 15 certificate this was the first dc animated film to be given this rating. A very dark and messed up story we get to see the joker's origin story and really see just how insane he is. The plot is fairly simple and involves batman pursuing an escaped joker. A fairly good dc animation but not the best of the series.