Filth and Wisdom

Filth and Wisdom

Filth & Wisdom is a poignant view of the lives of three not quite ordinary friends settled into meaningless jobs that barely keep them afloat while helping to finance their dreams of bigger and brighter futures. Their unqiue yet universal stories capture their struggles that are at turns funny and tragic but always brutally honest. Their intertwined lives explore the inevitable: a path paved with filth will often end in wisdom and one paved with wisdom will often end in filth.

A comedy centered on three flatmates living desperate lives in London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (au) wrote: A decent story and some great special effects, but inexplicably bogged down by excruciatingly poor production values and backyard-summer-film acting (and some pretty big plot holes). Nonetheless, there was something compelling about it, you want to like it much better than it deserves.

Tom B (fr) wrote: Unless you fancy Daniel Craig's backside and that of Harry Eden who plays his younger self, there is little reason to see this. Craig plays the titular Fool, who thinks with his penis. Supposedly Joe Scott has an ephiphany of sorts when his possible suicide attempt fails, but why this should change him when the horrific result of his lust in the Flashback didn't is beyond me.The cast is decent, including Craig. The standouts are Eve, as Scott's sassy housekeeper; Miriam Rogers as the knarly Mrs. Rogers; and Felicity Jones as the young Ruth.

Japes (ca) wrote: Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this movie. This movie is about a young couple who are looking for a new apartment. When they go to check out an apartment for rent, they realize it's sketchy and something weird is going on. The movie starts off great. There is a huge build up of suspense, but it soon fades away and the movie becomes absolute garbage. When the family goes to check out the apartment, they see it is a total dump. They politely allow the landlord to show them around, even though they are not interested at all. The landlord acts very oddly and acts as though the couple have already decided to move in, but they haven't. When the couple- Mario y Clara start finding some of their personal belongings already in the apartment, they realize the landlord has been stalking them and they decide to leave. That is when everything started going downhill. The landlord turns crazy and kidnaps the couple (ohh didn't see that one coming!) It seemed like a good movie, UNTIL Mario and Clara got kidnapped then it turned out to be a cliched, predictable senseless torture of innocent people by a crazy woman. The movie really should be called "To Let Down" because that's precisely what it did. There were so many plot holes, it was so unrealistic just in the way it was executed. The couple had many, MANY chances to escape or take down the evil landlord-- it's 2 against 1 frail old woman! Come on now! Seriously, what the fuck. It was so dumb. The movie constantly lets the old lady beat up the younger, stronger couple which is totally unrealistic. I also love how Mario is able to take multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE we're talking at least 10) head shots. He's getting hit with frying pans, metal pipes-- just getting his head beaten in, yet he is still able to make rational decisions, see straight and walk fine. He's been knocked unconscious at least 3 times, but he doesn't show it at all. Anyway, besides the total joke of a plot, there's a few twists that don't make any sense. The twist I absolutely hated the most was the dogs. Where the FUCK did those dogs come from? It came out of bullfucking nowhere. I mean one minute the couple is standing in the lobby then the next there's 2-3 German Shepherds running down the stairs to shred them up? What? That to me, was so lame and so eccentric. There was no need for it and honestly it made the movie seem even worse than it already was. The movie was trying way too hard. The entire movie was predictable, there were no "real" twists. Everything that happened had been foreshadowed or you already knew from watching other scary movies what direction this film was headed. The only cliche this movie doesn't follow is the cliche that makes all the cell phones dead or have no service. In this movie, Clara did indeed have cell phone service and she called the police and her family multiple times. Her friend Nikki (whoever that is), knew that Clara was in trouble and was told to call the police and to give them the address of the apartment Clara was being held in. Clara even called the police herself so they would've been able to track her call eventually. However the movie says "5 days later" and the police are not there, and the parents of Clara and Mario have no idea where they are. Plot hole much? The movie is inconsistent, and is filled with cliches, predictable outcomes and unrealistic bullshit. Skip it.

Prashanth R (kr) wrote: too many on trafficking on TexMex borders..

(gb) wrote: i hate everything in the ending. make me cry

Cameron R (it) wrote: this is a brutal crime thriller/satire full of nonstop action, blood and gore, and great performances from the ensemble cast, and it's really crazy during the last 20 and a half minutes, I advise you check out the director's cut, you'll thank me later ;). I also saw true romance which was great too but I thought woody harrelson was the better lead, so the edge goes to natural born killers

Laura W (ca) wrote: I just saw this movie, guess I'm a lot behind but I thought it was great! Can't believe it was made 11 years ago and I never heard of it Guess I should log on to Flixter more often. But I thought the music, sets, costumes, hair, make up and the voices were fantastic. Guess I'm one of the few, sorry to hear that.

Bruce B (ag) wrote: Another film from the ultimate Sci Fi Collection. This is about a film where a Doctor is using uranium to miniaturizes things, The miniature horse is pretty cool, then 5 people will not leave him alone so he miniaturizes them. Must have been a drive in hit. 3 stars

Robbie V (de) wrote: Hideously entertaining