Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck!

Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck!

FILTHY McNASTIEST goes beyond the previous films and introduces D'artagnan, who proves that the female is indeed the deadliest of the species! She grants Clavell's desire to satisfy his lover in one area where he's coming up "short" with hilariously over-the-top consequences!

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Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck! torrent reviews

Nicki M (kr) wrote: An improvement on Havoc. Now that was a movie I really didn't get into at all! Cast seems to be better in this one, acting is actually really not bad, especially from Amber Tamblyn and Kelli Garner. Story is a little twisted about six friends - three girls, three guys - who decide to all be "together" exclusively. It's obviously done for shock value (the movie), but it kind of works, and though I wouldn't assume it was a common situation, I would imagine things like this would happen. It took me about half hour to get into this one, it wasn't one that I warmed to instantly. Not a favourite, but glad I watched it and definitely not bad.

Lansden S (it) wrote: Brought out the inner child in me

Bubba M (ag) wrote: A good look at the milatary career of McArthur

Ashley H (de) wrote: Jules and Jim is an excellent film. It is about a love triangle concerning two friends and an impulsive woman. Oscar Werner, Henri Serre, and Jeanne Moreau give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Francois Truffaut did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Jules and Jim is a must see.