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Marco F (it) wrote: A very intriguing premise, with a lot of potential, but sadly didn't quite deliver all the time. You can see that it was attempted to make a film similar according to Ghibli formulas, but after all the action was a bit too shallow and lacked heart. The political statement that this premise gives was portrayed too weak, as well. Other than that it's an enjoyable piece of science fiction with a breathtaking world, which opens up an unimaginable potential for your own ideas. The animation is wonderful and the music enchanting. The unique theme song sung in Esperanto needs to be awarded with a lot of prices.

Sheridan P (ca) wrote: Not as funny as I thought it'd be, although the crackhead made me laugh, Tyrone was cringingly vile, and loved the geeky guy who loses his creps.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Great fun to watch this unique cast!

Alec R (kr) wrote: Record breaking cliches, amateur acting, and shallow directing, this movie is as one dimensional as it gets

Arnaud C (ru) wrote: Et voila. Je savais que je devais le voir ce film. C'est devenu mon prefere aujourd'hui.

Filip N (es) wrote: Beautiful, poetic and stunning animation.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Good and interesting since it is based on a true story. Levar Burton is quite good in it.

Duncan S (nl) wrote: Imagine American Pie crossed with The Evil Dead and youre still nowhere close to imagining how awful this is

Caitlin L (au) wrote: An Oscar worthy performance for sure.

Lynnette L (ag) wrote: My absolute fav movie!! I loved it!

Drew C (br) wrote: "If you can't keep it in your pants... keep it in the family."

Tasos L (kr) wrote: I kinda like this kind of flicks with ancient myths and religions getting along with police stuff...

Zack B (gb) wrote: Parachute pants, vomit colored clothing, catchy clap along music, weed, hairy chests. It is indeed as 80s as it gets and I love it.

Allan C (nl) wrote: The Coen Brother's debut film is still a knockout today. I recorded this off of MGMHD and believe this was the original theatrical cut and not the later released director's cut, which was a slightly tighter version of the original. For their first film, they made a dark, moody modern noir. John Getz steps out with the boss' wife, Frances McDormand. Dan Hedaya hires a PI, played by the great M. Emmet Walsh, to check up on his wife. To reveal much more of the plot would spoil the fun, but if you've read any James M. Cain, you probably know where the plot is headed. While the story is strong, like most Coen Brothers' scripts, it's really the visual the burn themselves into your memory (the close up of Hadaya's broken finger, headlights on a lonely highway, a moving pile of dirt, and the light shaft through bullet holes in a wall, which I believe is the first film to do this). Barry Sonnenfeld did the photography on this film, as he did for the first three Coen Brother films and his mark is unmistakable as well. The Coens found some very talented replacements for Sonnenfeld when he left to produce and direct, but Sonnenfeld is a talent unto himself, leaving a mark on all of the film he shot as a director of photography,which ranged from working with the Coens, to "Big," to the underrated "Three O'Clock High," to "Throw Momma from the Train," to his final film as a DP, "Misery." Really, all of his films as a cinematographer were great. He did a few TV movies and a documentary I haven't seen, but all of his feature films are amazing. But back to "Blood Simple," this film is an amazingly tight and suspenseful thriller. The finale, is something that feels as tough and brutal a finale as you'd find in the ultra violent films of the early 90s, ALA "Shallow Grave" or Tarantino. And I totally missed it, but apparently Holly Hunter did uncredited voice acting as Helene Trend.

Salli B (kr) wrote: 1 star for cast, perhaps I just don't understand French culture but this sent me to sleep.

Michael W (it) wrote: Follow up to MANDINGO is respectable in its own right with slave Norton sold to plantation owner Warren Oates and leading a revolt. Good cast makes up for Norton's deficiencies in the lead.

Alex D (ca) wrote: haven't seen this one yet

Jens T (br) wrote: Picture this: A western noir, which John Sturges' Bad Day at Black Rock happened to be. Seeing my first so called "western noir" It's simply one of the best and most suspense films I've seen until now in the western genre. Featuring great performances that we already know from this genre such as Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Walter Brennan, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin that all fits right into the film and makes the whole setting believable. The movie is set in the year 1945. A town called Black Rock lies in the middle of the desert where the Southern Pacific Railroad train always pass by. But one day, the first time in four years the train actually stops there. But there's only one passenger that goes of the train. A war veteran named John J. Macreedy (Spencer Tracy) who has only one functional arm. Most of the inhabitants, who mostly are workers who spend most of the day just sitting rocking' in their chairs out in the hot sun, is very suspicious of this new stranger and wondering what is he doing here. They find out that he's looking for an old man named Komoko. But every where he ask about him, all the people of the little town are scared that he might stick his nose into something that shouldn't be any of his business. Bad Day at Black Rock is a very well made western film, set in modern day where it doesn't seemed to have changed at all since the wild west. The crooks are pretty much the same and there's also no law at all. Robert Ryan does an excellent performance as the unofficial leader, Reno Smith who does every thing to get rid of the man who might reveal the towns darkest secret. The rest of the western cast is just superb, their appearance have the kind of "We don't take kindly to strangers" kind of feeling that really makes this film so exciting and thrilling to watch. I don't want to give away the ending, but I promise this movie doesn't ever drag. Thumbs up.

G S (fr) wrote: It went on too long and featured characters who I could not care about whatsoever despite the film's attempts to get me to feel sorry for them. The usage and depiction of post-war Japan is interesting, not interesting enough that it makes me want to like or rewatch this campy, melodramatic film. The ending is one that made me raise my eyebrow and then sigh in relief because I can go onto watching Kurosawa's next film--this first with Mifune--Drunken Angel.

Karen B (us) wrote: The remake with Jodi Foster definitely better.