Waking up in a nearly empty room, Bill has strange recollections of his father's death and a car crash, and occasional paranoid delusions. Ann, a psychologist, tries to help him make sense of it all.

Bill wakes up from a coma in a hospital ward, raving about tissue regeneration experiments, final injections, organ transplants and having been cryogenically frozen. Battling flashbacks of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Final torrent reviews

Joo P (ca) wrote: Starts ok and then become crazy and ends up messy, but far from great. Office Christmas Party have his good moments, have a great cast, but even with good directors of Horrible Bosses, this comedy delivers just an ok result. (3/5)

Dave F (it) wrote: We wanted a funny, no brain power required movie to watch on a Friday evening after a long, long week. This movie fit the bill perfectly. The bad jokes made you grin and the good ones had us laughing out loud.

Nonya B (gb) wrote: To be honest i thought this could have been a lot better,Dont get me wrong it has its very funny moments but the movie overall is really Dull,Ultimately i say SKIP IT!!!

Sverine F (ag) wrote: A ne voir qu'1 fois mais pas mal du tout!!!

Veronica C (fr) wrote: Wonderful music and a great performance by Harris. Though something about the movie didn't quite come together for me. Unsure why.

Erin C (it) wrote: Not sure how I felt about this movie. Small twist at the end that proves things and people aren't always what they seem.

Florian R (nl) wrote: Un tout petit film , qui engendre de nombreux d (C)fauts , Confidence film qui n'est pas franchement connu , et c'est normal . Des acteurs plus ou moins connus, mais trs mauvais , un sc (C)nario la Ocean mais , en plus sophistiqu (C) . De plus , le film manque un peu de suspense , c'est toujours une histoire qui se passe sans cesse , o les surprises sont trop pr (C)visibles . Loin du cocon hollywoodien , Confidence a fait peu de bruit, malgr (C) la pr (C)sence sur quelques minutes de Dustin Hoffman . A part a , on s'aperoit que la r (C)alisation est assez peu originale . En conclusion , Confidence s'avre pas surprenant , mais assez d (C)cevant .

John Eric D (jp) wrote: I really liked the concept of this movie. The suspense of being trapped inside a phone booth and being a target, and the thrill in one setting, its intense and unique at the same time. Very memorable and gripping. This is maybe the last Schumacher film that really caught my attention.

Adam F (mx) wrote: "Belly" has some problems on the story and script level but it's very well shot actually features some pretty good performances. Although the movie often resembles a music video, this visual style (from music director Hype Williams) ends up really working, blending well with the thug/gangster themes of the film and there are several scenes that use different tones and colour very effectively. The dialogue is a mixed bag; not that it is ever manufactured or cheesy but that it is often so laden with slang and sometimes stuck inside such thick accents that it becomes hard to understand (so you might want to get the Dvd/Blu-ray and turn on the subtitles for this one)but when you can clearly hear what is going on it is delivered well and sounds genuine. The film doesn't glamorize the drug and crime world the characters live in and shows real consequences to people's actions, which makes characters that at first are pretty despicable grow and change into people you can relate to. Although the end isn't as strong as the rest of the film and there are a few moments that will leave you scratching your head (like a moment that is essentially a ninja assassination) it's actually surprisingly good and you'll be surprised that this was never released theatrically. It's a well-shot, well put together film that stumbles towards the end but is pretty darn impressive overall. (VHS, January 31, 2013)

Corey n (br) wrote: This was a okay movie. It stars Billy Crystal as a sports agent who discovers are giant man and wants to make him a basketball star. The giant is played by real NBA star Gheorghe Muresan.This story overall is solid and Billy Crystal is quite funny at times in this. This is a simple comedy that I enjoyed. If your a Billy Crystal fan then I would suggest checking this movie out.

Chris R (us) wrote: Watched for the first time since late 90s in September and was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. BLU RAY RELEASE PLEEEEASE!!

Mark N (nl) wrote: Not a new why this is listed as 2004 as the show was released 1996.. very good show and one of his best.

Dave F (au) wrote: Weak in places, nevertheless a fascinating experiment.

Senor C (gb) wrote: Exceptional dull for an 80s action movie that I had a hard time keeping from nodding off. That really too bad because I was looking forward to seeing Jean-Claude Van Damme as the heavy. It doesn't happen too often & I loved it in the mega cheesy No Retreat No Surrender. Missed opportunities as they have him squaring off against Sho Kosugi. This really could have something special. Not Bruce Lee w/ Chuck Norris special but special none the less. They do have their confrontations & for a moment my interest peaked but they aren't worth a whole hell of a lot & not long after I was fight that afternoon nap. Just about everything else is uneventful, void & completely forgettable

John B (us) wrote: Paving the way for the new "serial killer" genre in 70s cinema...the film slowly starts out like a Patty Duke Show episode and slowly turns into the most frightening and disturbing Hitchcockian influenced horror movie of that time. Keep in mind, as you watch.....the film wasreleased in 1971, before the ad nauseum of the 70s bad guy serial killer, he knows your alone, naieve girl trust crazy man movies of the 70s and80s. It is simply the first of its kind and the best. If you even look at the cover for the pretty much know the plot. The terror in watching this, is finding out about the two main characters. They are very much similar but then, obviously deal with their sadness in very different ways. They are both outsiders, have deep destructive issues with insecurity and cannot have the confidence to make life better for themselves. Wendy (as the killer names her)....searches for true love and a family. Peter searches for companionship (and possibly love) but suffers from disturbing and destructive behavior which makes his quest meaningless and horribly dangerous (viewers should be warned of a controversial and upsetting scene, where I had to turn away and cover my ears) All actors are brilliant here....too many to mention. but obviously it is the daring and gifted Rita Tushingham and the relatively new Shane Briant (in a brave, star making performance of great depth) who take the old fashioned thriller genre and turn it into a thought provoking but terrifying experience. Both actors were highly regarded actors in England....but of course, at best...cult actors in the United States. The same can be said of director Peter Collinson, the master of British thriller and horror films that leave you wondering, "what the hell just happened"?? Collinson , as always, was ahead of his time on this remarkable film. One of the movie's main themes is the promise of the 60's peace and love/ hippie movement coming to a close with horrible circumstances. Promiscuity runs deep from all the characters in the story....which make them look sleazy and unfeeling, not at all in search of love and hope for a family. Having the innocent and starry eyed Wendy in search of true love and something stable...shows how unrealistic that option was at the time. Her quest for goodness and purity leaves her humiliated, alienated and desperate. And oddly, the same for Peter. Collinson has made a movie from a story that was a red flag for the stupidity of the sexual revolution and the consequences, its downfall. I'll stop here, not wanting to give too much away. But the movie is important, a definite must see...but not for the faint of heart.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: Burt Reynolds' lone spaghetti western is actually pretty good. Like all of Sergio Corbucci's films, very violent for it's time. (And yes, the Burt does play a Native American.)

Scott A (jp) wrote: In High School I got the role of the Sheriff in my first musical. Bit part, but I wanted to see the film to see how they did it you know?The movie is a pretty straight movie version of the stage. The cast is decent, but the songs here are what makes the movie. It's always funny after nearly twenty years I can still remember almost every song and whenever I see this on TV I have to watch and sing a long.Steiger is really creepy in this.

Dann M (au) wrote: John Cusack and Thomas Jane kick the tires and light the fires in the chase film Drive Hard. The story follows a former race car driver turned driving instructor who's tricked into being a wheel-man when his student robs a mob bank. Unfortunately the performances aren't very good; especially Jane, who's down right awful. But the writing is rather poor too, with stereotypical characters and unfocused storytelling. A trite and unoriginal action film, Drive Hard is a lazy piece of filmmaking.

Delphinus C (us) wrote: I dunno man, pretty weird. Lots of random scene changes and stuff. Interesting in a filmmaking sense, but the plot is lost. And frankly, I didn't care much for the characters. I had a similar problem in Primer, but there the unwinding of the plot held my interest despite the very drab characterizations. I can't say that I understood the full underlying intent of the plot here.

Ranee M (au) wrote: Trailer lies. It's more about the actual Sea of Trees, which is a suicide forest and a man he meets there, rather than the man's wife dying. If they had billed it as such, I might have been able to give 5 stars.