Final Accord

Final Accord

A young, impoverished German woman named Hanna gives her infant up for adoption and emigrates to American to live with her husband. When her husband commits suicide, Hanna returns to Germany and works her way into becoming the live-in maid and nurse to her child being raised by an orchestra conductor and his wife.

A young, impoverished German woman named Hanna (Maria von Tasnady) gives her infant up for adoption and emigrates to American to live with her husband. When her husband commits suicide, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony G (gb) wrote: seriously....what did he think was going to happen? You murdered the parents of a girl you fell in love with.

Bals A (ca) wrote: A slow, quiet but intelligent spy flick, it is as far from the Bond-Bourne etc like spy movies as it can. No gunshots, no eye-catching action scenes but pure espionage. Fractions and interests against each other.

Hli L (de) wrote: Thank you Alexander Payne, I could gush about a million perfect things in this movie but mostly it made me happy because it is so rare to see this many veteran actors on the big screen. What a fantastic collection of characters and how refreshing to find beauty in wrinkles and wisdom in simplicity. Bravo!

bill s (gb) wrote: Funny,alittle quirky and does not insult your intelligence.....feel good movie.

alec r (it) wrote: he dies in the end just so you know

Anders J (es) wrote: Jeg tror ikke jeg overdriver naar jeg sier at dette maa vaere en av de verste filmtittlene jeg noen gang har sett. Hadde dette vaert en pornofilm hadde jeg ikke tenkt noe videre over det, men i dette tilfellet har tydeligvis ikke kreativiteten vaert paa topp.Filmen i seg selv er nok heller ikke stort aa rope hurra for, men den er paa langt naer saa daarlig som tittelen tilsier at den burde vaere. Jeg kan vel ikke si at den er amatoermessig, for det er jo nettopp det som er hele poenget ved en slik film, men jeg kan si at den er tidvis daarlig gjennomfoert. Jeg forventer selvsagt ingen bakhistorie om vaar morder, men det burde vaert brukt mer tid paa aa vise hvilken personlighet han har. Her kan jeg godt trekke frem "August Underground" filmene som et eksempel, for selv om de er noen av de mest frenetiske og forstyrrende filmene laget, saa gir de oss et godt innblikk i personlighetene til hovedpersonene.Jeg hater paa ingen maate "Amateur", den er ugjevn og mye kunne vaert gjort annerledes. Men den har potensiale, og jeg blir nok helt sikkert aa sette meg ned med oppfoelgeren.

James R (jp) wrote: It plays out like a real documentary, so if you're only looking for decapitations and dismemberment with lots of gore, you will be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, if you like documentaries and you like zombies, this is definitely an interesting take on what role zombies would play in American society. It starts slow and builds to a pretty good climax, but it feels like it was cut short. But that could have been the intention; a group of filmmakers who cut their project short when they realized their lives were in danger as a result. Just don't expect to have all of your questions answered, and keep in mind that the film isn't as good as the premise.

Luke R (ag) wrote: Great car chases.Dennis Quaid is unstoppable!

Marissa A (jp) wrote: Very gripping movie

Gabriel C (de) wrote: A creatively stunted Disney film with bland animation and annoying characters.

Dimitris S (mx) wrote: Sadness and solitude.Can't spread any optimistic message if one erases the finale which is a huge diversion from most Angelopoulos' films.The little girl is a blast as with the visual silence of a film like that.

Allie L (mx) wrote: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are both fantastic in this movie, and have a lot of chemistry as brother and sister. It's really sad, especially so in parts, and I wasn't really expecting that, lol, but it was still really good.

Hassan T (es) wrote: i just cant stand blood shed ...and its a lot unhealthy for your brain and thoughts keeep away ...

David B (it) wrote: Possibly the best political thriller that was ever made. It is an almost flawless film. Its intellectual center is government hypocrisy of a right-wing government. The film is about a Greek politician fighting an extremist government & its policies. The film entertains as well as educates in re to people that claim to love freedom & liberty & then do everything to see that it fails. The film is one of the best in the political assassination genre. The film may have been the best in the political thriller genre in showing the brutality of bellicose right-wing fascist states. One of the best films I have ever seen.

Autumn M (gb) wrote: Although I love Hepburn and Grant this movie is simply stupid! I can see why audiences didn't like it at the time of its release. Why it gets such high acclaim now is beyond me.

Romeo H (ca) wrote: A simplistic, short and stylistic animated horror flick with rich storytelling and eerie animation.

Indu R (fr) wrote: Not as good as Bean, but it is funny. A good plot as well.

noah m (de) wrote: Amazing performance by Jamie foxx however the film follows a basic format.