Final Days of Planet Earth

Final Days of Planet Earth

An archaeologist discovers that aliens posing as government officials are secretly harvesting human bodies in a bid to take over earth.

Lloyd Walker is an anti-heroic archaeologist who, after stumbling upon an alien conspiracy, becomes enmeshed in an against-all-odds battle to save the human race. Now, the "keeper of dead civilizations" must rescue mankind from slavery at the hands of some very big, very terrifying insect-aliens... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Final Days of Planet Earth torrent reviews

Bryan W (br) wrote: Just plain bad. No words to describe this.

Iy N (es) wrote: Seen at Hot Docs 2012

Hael H (ag) wrote: Bruce Willis at his best.

Jav JD A (es) wrote: Much better than Unsual Suspects and similar to Reservoir Dogs, awesome tag storyline and ending.

Joe E (it) wrote: Fire Birds is a terrible Top Gun rip-off. (Why do I ever watch most Nicolas Cage films?!?)

Mike K (br) wrote: Great fun from the Filmation studio! Still enjoy this but it's so cheesy it's worse than mozerella! The animation is ace and wish animated movies were made like this! This seemed very long (Longer than a Disney movie actually!) but it's worth watching for Skeletor again! Boy was he sexiest in this! His reaction to Adora fainting - "Haha! Just like a woman!" Top class entertainment for nostalgic fans.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: While the first Rocky was about going the distance, this entry in the franchise is the exact opposite. And some people may not be too happy with that. Like most third films, it's a noticeable slight step-down from its predecessors. In spite of this, Rocky III manages to redeem itself with some enjoyable boxing action whilst also showing what fame can do to a person earlier on in the film as well as a great soundtrack. Oh, that Survivor song. Loved the way the film began with a montage of Rocky being heavyweight champion of the world whilst Clubber Lang, who's slightly more famous than actual Mr. T, shows that he's going to be Rocky's first true challenger since Apollo Creed. Eye of the Tiger, man. That freaking song. Can't quite match up to the first two Rockys but still doesn't quite go for a knockout, in a negative sense.

Sandra D (nl) wrote: A tragic story from WWII where some German jews were allowed to sail to Cuba away from all the worries of the Nazi regime in Germany. When they arrive to Cuba they aren't allowed ashore so they are set to return to Europe where death awaits them. This movie was very interesting and I know that it must have been a great hit in the 70's.

Chris S (br) wrote: Well I finally saw it. I've got to think the book is probably better.

Brett H (gb) wrote: Amazing how such a simple concept with a minimum amount of actors can come across so effective and engaging! This film is very peculiar in the fact that it's genre is ambiguous, though I suppose in the second half you can consider it "horror". Speaking of horror, that mask is straight-up SCARY and everytime it was on-screen I was not loving life. The film delves into the human psyche regarding sexuality, jealousy, and loneliness in masterful fashion that I really dug. There is lots of unnecessary nudity that is a bit distracting and the ending is very ambiguous, but wow, this is a cool foreign film with lasting imagery and terrific music!

Matt S (mx) wrote: Loosies proves that a low budget movie can be better than its more expensive cousin. Everytime Jaimie Alexander appeared on the screen I could not help but think how beautiful she was.