Final Descent

A commercial pilot is forced to keep a plane aloft that was struck in midair by another plane to keep it from ripping apart even as the fuel is running out and the air and cabin pressure is dropping.

. . It will crash as soon as the fuel runs out, unless some desperate . An airliner collides with a light plane just after takeoff, causing its elevators to jam in the full climb position

Final Descent is the best funny movie of Robert P. Davis (book), Roger Young (teleplay). This movie was introduced in 1997. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Robert Urich, Annette O'Toole, John de Lancie, Jim Byrnes, Ken Pogue, Blu Mankuma, Tom McBeath, Kevin McNulty, Stephen E. Miller, Gwynyth Walsh, Lorraine Landry, Carrie Cain-Sparks, Aaron Joseph, Louva Meloche, Cody Serpa. There are many categories, such as Thriller. The rating is 5.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Ali A (it)

. . . twist. . . ending was odd lol

Andrew R (us)

Yuliya Mayarchuk is indeed extraordinarily pretty, reminiscent of Bardot, and I'm pretty sure Brass intends a couple scenes as homage to Le mepris, of all things. Yeah, sure, reasonably entertaining

bill s (ca)

y go with a wonderful actress like Moore then give her an empty character,. . . . . Banderas's campy over the top assassin can't help take the stench off this corpse

Bleak M (it)

Vastly entertaining, with Spencer Tracy chewing the scenery, the usual fine performances by Richard Widmark and Katy Jurado, and a surprisingly good one from the (usually barely adequate) Robert Wagner. King Lear (again) in the Wild West

Carol H (ag)

Instead, it's a silly (and not in a good way), routine mess. "Post Grad" could've been an honest yet charming coming-of-age story about finding one's place in the world. Another one of the movie's flaws is it's lack of direction. Alexis Bledel really isn't the type to do goofy comedy; she's horribly miscast here. I read online that the lead role was written with Amanda Bynes in mind - and it shows

Charly F (gb)

This was on TV last week - I had forgotten how dark and wickedly fun this film is - I have seen it lots over the years and still think its wonderful

Crystal B (de)

The best Vampire Movie!!!

Jason S (ru)

ot all the jokes land but it's a solid flick. Hilarious and layered. The ultimate bad work day movie

Jim M (it)

im. Steve Sahn is hilarious

Kris P (es)

I can kind of see where they were going with it, but it could have been executed a little better. . . . ) It's just that the movies downfall is the plot itself. (For instance, the characters are kind of enjoyable. I found parts of it enjoyable, even. Dead Hooker in a Trunk was not an all around bad movie