Final Draft

Final Draft

A screenwriter suffering from writers block decides to lock himself in his apartment for 18 days in order to meet a career-making deadline. His script involves characters from his past, including a terrifying and disfigured clown. As cabin fever sets, he soon finds himself living in a world where what's real and what's fiction begin to cross lines with chilling and fatal consequences.

An aspiring screenwriter trying to write a new horror script finds himself mentally breaking down after days of isolation in his apartment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven H (ca) wrote: One of the most true movies I've seen this year.

Todd S (ru) wrote: I realize that certain things in Science Fiction have no basis in reality. I also realize that Syfy uses the small budget that they have to at least make these films somewhat funny, when they know they aren't very good. What I don't understand is why bother making the film at all, when it is this bad? The special effects are a complete joke, the acting was just plain bad, and as for the was a neat concept until they started doing things that were just completely fucking stupid. I can't decide what was stupider, so maybe you can... Driving through a tornado if you do it at the correct angel, a storm cell that chases the scientists that created it, and of course the Sci-Fi author who solves problems, government scientists can't, using just his stories. This movie is ridiculous Canadian garbage and whoever wrote it deserves to be blacklisted!

Jared F (fr) wrote: great idea. left me wanting more though.

Casey B (de) wrote: Amusing.Light entertainment.Small little insights about parenting and marriage but nothing really goes into depth.The movie, while fun to watch, feels empty inside.Though not a complete miss.

Lyle P (br) wrote: Classic! FX are outdated and dodgy but who gives a smeg when it's this much fun!

Brooke F (kr) wrote: It was very good, funny and kind. I love this family quite a bit especially the youngest son(narrator).

Boris v (kr) wrote: I heard about this movie trough the site 'cinemassacre'. The guy who manages that webpage had a hate/love relation with this movie. It is so stupid that it is enjoyable. Deathstalker is a movie about a 'hero'. Well, our hero is nothing but a bad-acting raping killing barbarian but somehow he should be the good guy. You follow his quest to reunite three artifacts with which he can become 'the power' and defeat some evil socerer. If you think this story sounds clich: this is only the beginning. The actor is so lame it is funny. He has no facial expressions whatsoever (except for a suprised/schocked when he finds out he has raped a male guard that has been turned into a woman). Halfway he meets a friend, which you won't get to know. They go to a party of the evil magician, rape some woman, drink and have fun. Yes, his friend is supposed to be a funny type but he is motherfucker too: he is laughing amused at the party where women get raped and men get slaughtered. It is supposed to be funny but it just isn't. And that makes it funny, do you get me? The special effects are the worst I've ever seen, the acting is terrible, the story is shit, the costumes are fake, there's no moral and there's no reason why the hero should be called a hero. Put this together and you get an unintended comedy. Enjoyable but one of the worst movies ever.

Stephen E (us) wrote: 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' is regarded as one of the finest horror films of all time, which is something that I can't seem to get my head around. Not only is it not a horror film, but there's nothing in it that's remotely horrific at all. Sure, there are moments where the score dips down into a haunting melody that makes you think that something creepy might happen, but nothing ever does. The same goes for those mildly eerie scenes at Hanging Rock. There's little buildup and no payoff, which really makes me question why 'Picnic' is reputed as being a horror film. If anything, it's a slow-burning period drama that's centered on the theme of repressed sexual hysteria. Director Peter Weir, cinematographer Russell Boyd and costume designer Judith Dorsman work together to make 'Picnic' look and feel incredibly authentic. The images onscreen are beautiful and almost like visual poetry. (Think 'Days of Heaven.') But in the end, what are we left with? The central mystery of the film (and its main drawing point) isn't solved or elaborated upon. This would be fine if the rest of the film worked on its own and just used the disappearance of the girls only as a way to get the plot going, but it doesn't. Everything keeps referring back to what happened at Hanging Rock, which we don't know. So, basically, what we get is an opening half hour where the set-up happens and then a good hour and ten minutes of people not knowing what the hell is going on. And then it just kind of ends. And that's 'Picnic at Hanging Rock.'

Alexander C (it) wrote: Doesn't appeal

Private U (kr) wrote: So funny - classic comedy!!

Zack B (br) wrote: The gliding tracking shots and the extremely intimate close ups amongst the Siberian wilderness make this film one of the most exquisitely shot films in the history of cinema. Nevertheless, I found it a chore to watch as there was a bit of redundancy among certain shots and the overall story.

Adam R (it) wrote: Gene Kelly and Judy Garland are a dream pairing for film lovers, but the wartime story was kind of odd for a musical. (First and only viewing - 2/23/2017)

John L (br) wrote: H.G. Wells wrote the script, based on his story.

Moya W (es) wrote: Feast of Love shows you all kinds of different ways to fall in love: love at first sight, homosexuality, infidelity, young love, old love, marriage. It was easy to sit through it and it had a great soundtrack but it sometimes felt like it jumped too fast between the scenes that it took a while to figure out which couple the next scene was about. And there were things that the movie decided not to tell you and it could sometimes be difficult to fill in the gaps. But other than that I enjoyed it, it was a well-thought movie about love and all of its obstacles and consequences. Despite everything that happens it felt credible and realistic but I can imagine that it must be difficult to find an ending for a movie like this, and I'm not quite sure if this ending was right.

Ale j (ca) wrote: I ???????? Hairspray!

Terminator 8 (au) wrote: Oh My god they are so funny. But it was pretty stupid how to kill the Marsians.

Jonathan A (mx) wrote: Solid movie with a great cast.

Jos M (fr) wrote: Lo mejor de todo Carey Muligan, la banda sonora de David Byrne y el estilo visual de Oliver Stone.

Roderick M (es) wrote: I'm a sucker for these movies because I watched them as a kid with my mom and dad!