Final feliz

Final feliz


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
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Final feliz torrent reviews

Matt R (ag) wrote: I have always enjoyed movies by the great Johnnie To, and this was no exception. My only gripe was that it very quickly turns from slapstick to serious thriller. Nice to see Macau being utilized more and more in Hong Kong movies, although To is no stranger to using the island for so many of his previous movies. Blind Detective good entertainment, but nothing lost by seeing it on the small screen.

Tijani M (fr) wrote: Rachel buys a psychotic sphinx cat and phoebe learns that gary.

Britt P (gb) wrote: This was a good movie with a good message.

Jason J (jp) wrote: This is Lundgren's 6th effort as a director and, surprisingly, it is his worst effort behind the camera so far thanks mostly to a lame script and that pesky jittery camera work. The prospect of Dolph teaming with fellow Swede Bo Svenson is enticing, but they really only have 5 minutes on screen. There are lots of fights/shootings but Dolph films them all terribly, which is strange given his penchant for well-shot action displayed previous to this. The worst is he has fallen into the Hollywood clich of shaky-cam/crash zooms, even during quiet dialog scenes. He was reportedly given less shooting time than usual, and also was constrained considerably by the producers. So I don't blame him for the movie's faults. Still, the movie is probably only for die-hard Lundgren fans.

Irena P (ag) wrote: disturbing bit of Indian history. this might easily have been Tarantino's inspiration for Kill Bill.

Mandy W (nl) wrote: Can't get over the horse and cart fire truck LOL

Andrew W (de) wrote: From the early Schwarzenegger/Willis film school and featuring many of the same up porting actors. Carl Weathers makes a passable action hero though some of the cameo scenes are a little painful (cue the hairdresser). Probably a guilty pleasure at the end of the day.