Final Hour

Final Hour

Some students gets locked up in their school and is stalked by a killer. But as time goes by, it turns out that there is more to this than it seems.

Some students gets locked up in their school and is stalked by a killer. But as time goes by, it turns out that there is more to this than it seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian P (ag) wrote: It is a feel-good movie, but doesn't take up to par from its emotional imbalances and over-long skits.

Spencer K (jp) wrote: I don't really know about this....The 1st was pretty good, the 2nd one was alright...but idk about this one. I'm going to have to say no

Tyler H (fr) wrote: A really cool vampire film, I thought all the performances were really good, especially by the leading girl Courtney Hope, who gave a great performance, in my opinion. I loved the camera work too, very hectic, and always moving! I'm really looking foward to seeing what this director does next for sure. If your a fan of 30 Days of Night, and vampire films in general, then definitley check this out. 3.5/5

James H (jp) wrote: Cheaply made, not very well acted and the low budget of the film is way too evident. It?s not very fast moving, the story isn?t that interesting. Too much drama and chatter and not enough mutants.

Daniel L (ru) wrote: So it was on Showtime and I was busting a guy laughing so hard!! As an editor, this is awesome! I didn't know what to expect, but I couldn't stop laughing! Look at the names of the voices in it, and you'll see how damn funny this really was!!

Jessica S (es) wrote: I seen the movie Blizzard. It was really good Christmas movie.

Jonathan N (es) wrote: The basic plot of "Titanic" without the overacting and big boat --i.e., much better. Sure, Aidan Quinn mumbles his "Irish accent", but he's a strong presence (and is a great actor: check out "The Assignment"). A sweet, gentle, and beautiful film.

Greg G (ca) wrote: Brilliant Movie and Natasha Henstridge is the hottest Species! One great movie does not matter when or how many times you see it!

The Phantom C (it) wrote: El Mariachi is very simple, but effective.

Christian L (gb) wrote: Preaty good film. Set durring WWII, it's a love/drama about spys and espionoge. Worth watching if you have the time.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 77%Above average undead flick, but nothing you haven't seen before, unless of course this your first.

Phillip D (br) wrote: Despite the underwhelming critical response, The Book of Eli remains one of my favorite films and one of best examples of post-apocalyptic filmmaking in a genre that frankly, looks a little post-apocalyptic itself. Although The Book of Eli attracts some complaints regarding its relation to The Road and other films, what sets Eli apart is the extremely high production value, striking landscape and ideal cast, not to mention the excellent usage of symbolism and carefully crafted nuance all throughout the film. Lost in the critical dribble was the fact that The Book of Eli pulled off one of the most impressive plot twists in recent film history, managing to effectively trick the audience through a bit of old fashioned mystery and a well designed color palette that perfectly complimented the symbolic nature of the film. This twist, combined with a storyline layered with religious and moral symbolism (unpopular with the critics, I'm sure), makes for a fantastic ride. Add in some incredible action sequences, a top notch Atticus Ross helmed soundtrack and career best performances from Washington, Oldman and Kunis and you have the makings of the film that The Road should have been. Where most post-apocalyptic films (The Road included) bash you over the head with ultra dark landscape shots and hopeless neo-noir derivative, Eli manages to add spice to this formula, utilizing a bit of nostalgia and extremely effective product placement to make everything come together. This is perfectly highlighted in a scene with Eli, Beats headphones and an old iPod, which, besides being the only instance of Beats promotion in a film I will ever tolerate, is one of the best scenes in the last decade or two of film history, poignantly hinting at Eli's humanity, touching on what is lost in the modern era and setting the stage for the fantastic film to come. Ultimately, The Book of Eli, lost on the highbrow critics, is a must watch for any fan of good cinema.