Final Justice

Final Justice

Due to his violent past, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III (Joe Don Baker) has been transferred to a rural outpost. When two thugs kill the sheriff, Geronimo shoots one of them, and the other vows revenge. Unfortunately for Geronimo, that thug turns out to be a mob boss, and the court orders Geronimo to extradite him back to his home in Sicily. When their plane is hijacked, the adversaries find their roles reversed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   chase,   machine gun,  

Homicidal Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo is tasked with escorting a mobster to Malta; when the prisoner escapes, Geronimo goes rogue to catch him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel L (mx) wrote: Too real. Too uncomfortable. This is coming from somebody who loved The Comedy. But I think that's what the director was going for so I can't blame him for succeeding. The build up to the great ending just feels way too slow and the movie is way too repetitive. It's a short film drawn out into feature length and it feels that, hard. I'm going to keep comparing it to The Comedy. The Comedy was slow and story wise it had even less going on than Buzzard but it was much better filmed and while it doesn't exactly go anywhere it maintains the feeling of like it's going towards something terrible all through the movie. Buzzard has that same weird, uncomfortable tension (and it does build up to something) but it's soooooo slooooooooow.Nice effort. I'm glad it's a thing somebody made. But I didn't enjoy watching a second of it. Which is the point. But there are movies that have made the exact same point better.

Barry P (ca) wrote: violent......psychological revenge movie.revenge......well worth a watch,

Deven P (br) wrote: The only thing scary about this tragically stupid movie, is just how terrible and uncreative and completely unoriginal it is, which Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas, and Ethan Spaulding should have taken the time to realize, and taken the time to possibly edit.

HES MA BETTER HALF (ca) wrote: It was okay it was just to short!

Reynard J (mx) wrote: Aduh, lupa ceritanya kaya apa. Lumayan serem lah. Tapi seinget gua setannya cakep deh. :D

Dave W (de) wrote: This was a pretty thurough documentary about a group of artists who seem bond more by friendship than by thematic elements in their work. Every artist featured has something to say, but I can't garuntee that everybody will like what that is. Definatley worth a watch!

John A (kr) wrote: Giant monsters and Kadee Strickland. Somethin' about her.

Ian M (es) wrote: This definitely sounds like a movie I'd like!! With Lisa Kudrow and Christina Ricci too? Good stuff.

Kurt M (ru) wrote: Not even the magnificent body of a half-naked Pamela Anderson can save this turkey. Proof that even movies based on comic books can suck.

Terry D (fr) wrote: Tepepa Viva La revolution was dis guarded by Orson Welles and wasn't even mentioned in hes autobiography however its one of hes best performances. Released in 1968 the boom years for Spaghetti Westerns such classics as The Mercenary,Sartana,Django the Bastard,Once Upon a Time in the West this falls in to the list of the greats.Tomas Mililan plays Tepepa a mexican revolutionary and Orson Wells is on the hunt for hes blood not giving to much away.The cinematography for this film is great.Ennio Morricones score blows you away from the opening credits.Giulio Petroni most famous for Death Rides a Horse directs the film extremely well it ranks in the top ten of Spaghetti Westerns.

Ted L (ru) wrote: A Disney movie I remember as a kid

Jake A (mx) wrote: With charming and engrossing performances by the two leads, assured direction from Hitchcock, lavish production, a decent plot and a solid score this may well not be the deepest and most thought provoking Hitchcock film but it is still entertaining and charming enough to make it a worthwhile watch.

Madeline M (fr) wrote: Mad Men + The Tempest + Red River. I'm just relieved there's a William Wellman movie I can finally watch.

Zdravko P (ca) wrote: Something about the movie didn't appeal to me. The tribal drums were cool but nothing really clicked.. Maybe i'll change my mind in the future.

Ryan H (es) wrote: Intense, fun, hilarious, and action-packed, Kingsman combines the gadgets from James Bond, the thrills from Mission: Impossible, and the action from the Bourne Collection, and wraps them up with an R-rated bow. The church fight stands out, but all the action is top-notch. All the performances, big or small, are good in their own way. To top it all off, it borrows a page from Deadpool and, rather than carefully avoiding cliches, it points at them and laughs.