Final Move

Final Move

The LA police are baffled: someone is killing people who have been found innocent of violent crimes. At the crime scenes, DNA evidence and clues linked to chess point to a suspect who's dead, recently executed for murders with a similar M.O. The cops call on Dan Marlowe, an ex-cop with psychic gifts, in an asylum after the trauma of the initial investigation. His wife wants him to say no; her brother is his former partner, who leans on Dan to help. Dan's ex-lover, an FBI agent, is also on the case, and behind the scenes is Myron, Dan's chess partner at the asylum. The game turns more deadly when Dan and family become the target. Did the cops initially get the wrong man?

A psychic and a cop track a serial killer who is copying a killer who just got executed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ex E (it) wrote: Makes Irrversible and Dogtooth look like Disney movies.

Aman A (au) wrote: The film certainly has its moments despite the cliched and formulaic approach. It lacks authenticity and is obviously made with a very top-down foreigner outlook but that's passable due to its even pace and true-story story. Lake Bell is great and so is Suraj Sharma. Watch it if you want. You can also pass it if you want. Won't make a difference either way.

Kym c my community profile R (fr) wrote: a Psycho thriller pretty cool interesting but really can' get into things as I have limited room here (written in my newsletter) . I think its worth at least one watch.

Hayley K (jp) wrote: Intense cinematography, acting performances, and writing. Lots of interesting twists and turns.A truly amazing film that you don't want to miss.

indigo s (us) wrote: Cheesy, predictable, embarrassing.

Carol H (de) wrote: It's better than "Vegas Vacation", but not as good as "Christmas Vacation" or the original.

Jenn T (es) wrote: Funny AF but story kind of lacking.