Finding Bliss

Finding Bliss

Jody Balaban, an aspiring filmmaker, is fresh to L.A. with New York film school accolades and the dream of making her movie. Unable to get a job where she can use the skills she so finely honed, Jody must edit adult entertainment to make ends meet. The uncompromising desire to make her movie, leads Jody to secretly film in the porn studio facilities at night - until she is caught in the act.

A romantic comedy that explores the adult film industry through the eyes of an idealistic 25 year-old award winning film school grad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (de) wrote: Like with Paradise Now, Abu-Assad finds a perfect balance between delicate drama and taut thriller in this well-constructed Palestinian film that depicts with intense realism life under Israeli occupation, while posing difficult questions to which there are no easy answers.

Rob R (ru) wrote: Good concept just not a good script, acting or directing.

Krisspics M (br) wrote: Not good, not bad ... just ok.The story is basic, the acting is basic, the twist already seen...

Bruno L (mx) wrote: acting is very believable and the fact that there are so few characters, make it very easy and compelling viewing. The mother character was a little bit too annoying and project of the movie is just ok. It is not too special.

Tayor S (jp) wrote: this movie kicks ass i downloaded it like a year ago two thumbs up

Jesse F (ca) wrote: Basically a comedy and is still a very entertaining watch. I'm glad bride, Seed and Curse were made. They greatly improved upon this franchise after the lackluster third film.

Jehangir A (ca) wrote: weirdness. . but with a good message!

Paul P (kr) wrote: How they try and justify there actions is laughable but ultimately frustrating. I knew hardly anything about the 'movement' so the documentary was informative and that's about it.

Steve S (ca) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Viveca A. Fox shines as a scorned girlfriend in this likeable, but ultimately routine comedy. Fox plays a woman who seems to have everything neatly as she wants it, but she enacts a "Ten Day Plan" when she catches her boyfriend with her sworn enemy.

Greg R (ag) wrote: My favorite of the Rush Hour films

bill s (us) wrote: A moldy stale American Pie sequel.

Chris C (kr) wrote: my favorite Kevin Smith movie.....

Talitha B (nl) wrote: I only watched it because it was shown in a Spanish Lit. class, otherwise I would've never even touched it. The actors, though, were pretty good, but the story was just crap.

Gavieboy H (it) wrote: One of those many movies of the time that get more gusto that it really deserves. Notable for the cornball performances and some good visual effects from the master of effects Ray Harryhausen. One would hope to see much better from the players involved, some of them big names. All in all Clash of the Titans is well made but suffers from poor acting and it's near two hour runtime which is too much.

Mark Karl H (br) wrote: Simply THE most beautiful film ever made has little narative structure, loosely based on the life of Sayat Nova the legendary Georgian Troubador it is essentially a series of beautifully linked tableaux in which performers are involved in Ritual Dances and ceremonies. One of the most affecting has a flooded monestary with all the books left out to dry on wallsand rooves by a young boy...The wind blows the pages back and forth looking for all the world like they are being read by imaginary readers. I cannot stress How beautiful this film is. Everything about it is carefully considered and it 79 minutes it just isnt long enough. If you like this then you will surely love "Ashik Kerib" , "The Legend of the Surami Fortress" and "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" by this amazing Director who was banned in the Soviet and imprisoned for many year. Unmissable!

Rhiannon P (fr) wrote: I picked this up from the video store based on its awesome name alone. I enjoyed it, too, because I was in a real trashy-pulp-movie mood. A woman gives up her singing career to support her musician husband and have a kid. Then her husband gets famous and is always away with adoring female fans. They get a big house and a maid, she becomes an alcoholic. They fight everytime he happens to come home, the kid gets really sick, the husband leaves her, she kidnaps her child, nearly kills them both in a fire, and it's not until the end, where she's horribly disfigured from the fire that her husband comes back to her and they're in love again. There's a moral in this movie we can all benefit from.

Lauren B (au) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious!

Heath T (mx) wrote: This film has a stellar cast who, unfortunately, cannot save this film. It is overly-ambitious and poorly-executed. The connected story lines cannot individually stand on their own, so I lost interest in the film overall. I was also completely disgusted by the character of Frank Mackey, which actually ruined the entire film for me.

Mike A (ca) wrote: Not one of Hitch's best. Tippi & Connery are very good but the psychology aspect is a bit weak.

Josh H (ca) wrote: No one can argue that this is a great Bond film. It does not, like Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Casino Royale or even The Spy Who Loved Me, argue for the series as a whole. Its appeal is insular: it needs to be viewed as a Bond film, not a film film. As that, it's really quite entertaining. Moore has no particular business playing Bond at this point, but he doesn't seem to care much and his sense of fun is infectious. There's the gorgeous Maud Adams, radiating cool intelligence and leading a wildly entertaining band of kick ass ninja gymnast chicks, like Pussy Galore on steroids. There are moments of pure silliness, but they are somehow loser, funnier, and more forgivable than the stiff slapstick of earlier Moore outings like The Man With the Golden Gun or Moonraker. There are some great action sequences, including the compound siege by Octopussy's scantily clad minions and a fun stunt double-fest on top of a plane. And, of course, that yo-yo. There are low points of course. A cringe-inducing Tarzan yell. Some ethnic stereotypes. Moore in a clown suit, though, in his defense, the man still manages to convey nail-biting urgency even under grease paint. Overall, Octopussy is light fun that knows exactly what it's doing. The movie is no one's, uh, all time high, but it should be a pleasure for Bond fans who understand that camp is part of the series's appeal.