Finding Graceland

Finding Graceland

An eccentric drifter claiming to be Elvis Presley hitches a ride with a young man and they find themselves on an adventurous road trip to Memphis.

An excentric vagrant wants to hitch a lift with a young man. After that, the two realize that they are on an adventurous road trip to Memphis. What will happen to them? Will dangers waiting for them ahead? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrod C (jp) wrote: Such a good, sad, action move! One of the best movies I have ever seen! Loved it!

Jonathan P (ru) wrote: Bland acting and an overly happy go lucky storyline makes this family firmly film one that only avid dog lovers will enjoy and even many of those will be snoozing while the film drags along.

Ari C (ca) wrote: This movies is good, twisted and weird but enjoyable

Shane M (fr) wrote: Engaging, somewhat stilted but overall a quality film.

Marta R (us) wrote: I truly hope that in no country, does this happen... however saying that, I could see it happening. A man is taken from hospital to hospital, either because of overcrowding or doctors not believing he is actually sick ( they think he is just drunk)... until finally the inevitable...

D E (au) wrote: Good movie funny & sad !!!

Sean D (de) wrote: Christine Taylor needs to stick to comedy. I had many issues with this how it was written decades ago, since none of the characters had a cellphone, or used the internet for their research...and how the nurses looked too modern for people who died over 60 years ago. The creepy moments were the only things that stood out, and even they were few and far between...Besides, i was getting tired of Christine's think after awhile she'd get used to the demons appearing.

Ron K (jp) wrote: Robert Duvall and Keven Costner were awesome together, their performances made a very good movie even better.

Movie l (mx) wrote: [color=#aeeff9][font=Tahoma]I must admit I actually enjoyed watching this movie. The cameo appearances and the self-depreciation made this movie.[/font][/color] Tal

Mike H (us) wrote: Pretty good flick if you're expectations are modest. Funny at times and some good horror elements. Has a B movie feel.

Chip G (jp) wrote: This is a very cute film, especially for those of us who grew up with the Star Trek franchise, Star Wars, and all of the other sci-fi film genres! I enjoyed the realistic bent of having William Shatner play himself as himself. Shatner gets wacked in the mouth for his clumsy attempt at an opening line with a pretty lady. Our heroes eventually learn that they cannot go through life quoting sci-fi movie lines, at least not successfully. They also learn that dreams are great, but one also has to show up for work and pay the bills if one wants the woman of one's dreams to stick around. The film got a bit slow in the middle for my tastes, but made up for it at the end.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Suspenseful. I'd like to see it again.

Luke A (ag) wrote: Though pretty dry, Vernon Florida is the kind of movie you could watch 900 times and still be thoroughly entertained. The shots are gorgeous, there is a sense of intimacy with the characters and it reminds me all to well of my childhood trips to Florida to visit my grandma along with meeting all her old friends as they teach me to fish/hunt whilst giving me good old fashioned backwoods wisdom and philosophy. Vernon Florida is easily in my top 5 favorite documentaries.

Jason H (ag) wrote: The chemistry of Bridges and Eastwood is something to behold and witnessing these icons at work early in their careers is proof to how they achieved that status in the film world. The story was scattered and unfocused, but the seasoned Thunderbolt and freewheeling Lightfoot make for a very enjoyable story.

Stephen H (fr) wrote: Great performances from Douglas, Lancaster, and March give life to this rather intriguing take on a military coup in the United States. It's pretty faithful to the novel, almost to its detriment, but the key moments are done so well, you can forgive it.

Dylan C (es) wrote: Laughable teen slasher film about a young girl who anonymously calls older men she finds cute but doesn't realize that her latest crush is a serial killer. This tacky thriller makes all the usual mistakes of a bad horror film (illogical characters, no suspense, no scares) then also manages to drive home it's seriousness to a point that I was laughing at it. Add on top of that the disturbing direction of Gary Sherman, who focuses on a lot of older men in the film leering at the young protagonist and you have a failed horror film that you can't call enjoyable to poke holes at or to entertain but one thing it is though, is forgettable.

Josh M (jp) wrote: Dodgeball's overall idea is very intriguing and it fulfills with some excellent comedy sequences. I am not a big Ben Stiller fan, but he does a stellar job as the heel character and finally makes me laugh.

Amandeep S (it) wrote: idk it's just good man... not crazy funny though which is a little disappointing but still a good and very original comedy. The "who did it" plot was very entertaining and funny especially with the random gore. The two main characters were very entertaining to watch and the acting as a whole was great, combined with good writing and great directing gets you an above average comedy.