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Fine Manners


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Stanley C (es) wrote: The film makes a good message of satirizing the cliche of heroes always heroes and bad guys always bad guys as well as its contradiction that villains are equally important as heroes for entertainment along with the combination of dynamic, opposite characters (Ralph and Vanellope plus Felix and Sergeant) all realizing that no matter how different they are looked upon they all have feelings and intentions of avoiding becoming social outcasts. One of the greatest Disney films ever made that contradicts the older Disney animated movies' cliche characters and plots and one of the greatest American movies ever made. Wreck-It Ralph is a victorious eye-candy and one Disney movie that is better than anything Dreamworks made.

Lee M (fr) wrote: In the end I think A Big Love Story is a great little romantic comedy that keeps things real but charming. It definitely doesn't shake up the tired genre enough to be called "revolutionary" or "groundbreaking," but it still manages to break down the stereotypical couples that we have gotten so used to seeing even on the indie scene.

Jessica G (jp) wrote: Awesome movie, amazing to see the life of a pioneer in neurosurgery

Christopher Y (au) wrote: WOWI loved this movie. Given I'm an Independent Film lover and enjoy odd plots or backwards movies and psychological thrillers... This movie was, at first, slow and I wasn't sure if I'd stop it in the first 15mins. But by the end I loved both these characters SOOO much and wanted MORE. However a quick Google search shows that the Directors new and has nothing else, nor the actors... =( If anything was wrong with this award winning film it was the timeline. It jumps, from end to beginning and does a whole lot of in-between then back to beginning, then some dreams, then back to ending and then middle again. (I love weird things like "Memento" which goes backwards) But this movie had me lost as far as the progression. Which more than likely lost 90% of viewers.However it didn't matter much to me, cause by the end I wanted to watch it again. And that, believe me is rare for me. Best MOVIE in YEARS.

XG3X (ag) wrote: needed more ryan phillippe. Other then that what a load of crap.

Matthew S (au) wrote: I guess I'm very much in the minority but I dislike everything about this movie other than the central concept of it. Which in my view fails.

Deven W (it) wrote: A favorite movie of marines and Navy SEALS i know

Jared M (br) wrote: good cartoon, I guess.

Roy S (fr) wrote: Poor Burt Reynolds. In 1977, he is the biggest star in Hollywood. Ten years later, he is in movies like this that critics hate and audiences stay away from in droves. This one isn't terrible. It is a pretty standard "tough violent stranger fights with rich guy who's trying to take land away from mild mannered folk" story a la SHANE. Reynolds tries to stretch a bit playing it uncharactisticly straight, smug-free, and he never laughs. He and his nemeses keep the dialog hard and quiet. There is violence, but it isn't ridiculously over the top. There is even some fancy camerawork and lighting on a couple of occasions; but in the end it is what it is. Cliff Robertson is a rather ill-defined villain who is hatching some ill-defined but vaguely nefarious right-wing plot, and as usual in these stories the Shane-like character and the good simple people he helps get way too attached to each other way too quickly.

Dillon H (ca) wrote: A monumental work for science fiction cinema.

Becca D (it) wrote: Not the best Shirley Temple film but it's still decent.

Paul D (ca) wrote: I didn't hate this as much as everyone else seemed to. I certainly wouldn't call it one of the "Great" comedies of our time, but there is a lot worse ways to kill time than this. I think it is worth watching, but I guess I can understand why people don't like it. I just am not one of those people.

Jacob G (kr) wrote: Rocky III is a crazy over the top sports movie that is a great watch and even has touching moments at points Mr.T made a great villain as clubber lang and you root for rocky to beat him for the entire movie