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WS W (de) wrote: Dj vu familiar. But both Jonny Weston & Cooper Timberline, playing the protagonist Jay Moriarity in different age, are kinda well done.

Daniella G (kr) wrote: Great thrilling movie! There's tension between the public and the movie the whole time.There's shock, thrill, blood, and love, what more can I ask for? Ricardo Darn was fantastic as always.

Prabhjot S (gb) wrote: Kudos! Dev D is gripping from the beginning to the end. Abhay Deol at his best! This modern day adaption of Devdas, is very relevant today, perhaps more relevent than Devdas ever was. Projecting phenomenon like long distance relationships, lust, lack of trust and self-pity, Dev D is a modern day saga for Indian youth. I might go as far as calling this movie landmark in bollywood's growth. Final verdict: Don't miss this movie!PS: This movie is rated A (R in the U.S). It might not be the best "family movie".

Ian B (mx) wrote: decent movie, you can tell they put a lot of work into it, but it just does not hold the interest that a normal zombie film should hold you to. Ken Foree makes this film slightly better than you're average Resident Evil or House of the Dead film would hold you to. Good thing they went with practical effect instead of CGI. Worth watching if you want a movie to take a nap and get comfy on a sunday afternoon.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: one horny mans long drawn out story.

Jeanfrancois D (it) wrote: So bad it's funny. I laughed so hard. It reminded me of Airplanes.

Eliabeth N (gb) wrote: Although it is slow moving in places I still thoroughly enjoyed this film. The film itself boasts a great host of vetran actors such as Peter O'Toole, John Mills and Jim Broadbent, and actors, who at the time were still rising stars, such as James McAvoy, Michael Sheen, and David Tennant. And the storylline is one you can both love and hate at the same time, as you watch these selfish , youngsters destroy their lives you're filled with a mixture opf pity as each suffers their downfall, but at the sametime a sesne of victory because they ultimatly suffer becuase of their more selfish lifestyles. Overall a very British film, it won't be for everyone but I really enjoyed it. And trust me it is hilarious to see Michael Sheen playing a self-centred homosexual.

Tom H (es) wrote: a good thriller worth your time. a great amount of violence is made here just for our viewing pleasure.

Jack G (kr) wrote: If you're ever come across (the now tragically late and only sometimes formerly known as) Prince, you have to come to Purple Rain. It's not simply that it's inevitable, it's among his signature work; it's a pop album, but it's not you're garden variety collection of 4-time tempo songs. If anything "When the Doves Cry" is a more minimalist type of song, not quite a ballad but not very fast either, as the song has a simple track of keyboard laid over a drum beat that you can dance to but it also leaves you in a kind of bittersweet trance. Then of course comes the hook, and it's here that it takes on an iconic, gets-in-your-head quality. That song is maybe the most Music-Video-y of anything in the Purple Rain film, as it comes about midway through the movie and reflects Prince - aka "The Kid" but he's just Prince really - at a moment when he is uncertain of what to do as he's done the wrong thing by the woman who should be his love, Apollonia, and he still has the same strife at home going on with his parents. So he gets on his motorcycle and... we just see some clips from the previous scenes (including a, uh, sex scene in a barn which wasn't seen before) mixed in with Prince motoring around. What does this have to do with anything? Well, there needs to be some time where The Kid broods and ponders, right? Actually there is quite a lot of that in Purple Rain. This was a movie-viewing where I had two reactions: as I was watching it, in the theater (and in the front row no less, it's only 2 days after the man's passing with a special series after all), I really enjoyed it and even got into the melodramatic - and I emphasize *dramatic* - story of how The Kid, with his group The Revolution, try to make it at a local club in Minnesota and face ups and downs while up against groups like Morris Day & The Time. But when I left the movie I started to think a little more about what I saw, the story of it, and felt like it was missing things that could've made the narrative stronger. We see Prince's parents (the father played by the awesome Clarence Williams III, you've seen him before but not this intense I don't think), and yet we never really know the mother - she's basically a placeholder, and meant as a simplistic victim of the father's abuse. Williams actually gets a little more depth, as a failed(?) musician who never quite made it and is in constant turmoil over his marriage (he even warns his boy over it). What brought this couple together? What's the attraction? Of course they're supporting characters, but it's superficial drama and over-simplified to give Prince some conflict. It also draws into another issue, which I think I looked over more at first as I was drawn into the music, which is Prince and Apollonia's relationship; early on it works really well, as he has that 'joking around' type of disposition (i.e. that great Lake Minnetonka scene), but then relatively quickly it becomes 'oh, now I see why there will be trouble.' But this seems to come somewhat suddenly, and it's understandable why she wants to get away from him. And then more drama ensues, and by the end all is forgiven. I didn't buy it.The clever part is that the songs performed live by Prince and the Revolution reflect the storyline: after the intro "Let's Get Crazy" which is just pure fun, the 'seduction' song gets Apollonia to maybe, sort of fall in love with The Kid (this comes after spending some time with him); then when he is feeling the rage, he gets sexual on stage - to the point of humping the amp in a frenzied performance of 'Darling Nikki'. And then the finale with the title track, which is a soulful, harrowing epic of pain and suffering. You do almost want to forgive Prince for the bad s*** he's done... almost. And then there's two more songs to finish off and you leave on a high and a buzz.Those live performances, and the music in general, including those basic but awesome dance tracks from The Time, make up what's so special about the movie and Prince in general. The guy just LOVES music here, and though it's mostly all of a similar track, of rock-funk going between up-beat and more ballady stuff (sometimes harder songs than others like Computer Blue and then the music that the two women make that's slow but powerful), it's all of a piece that is wonderful and kind of timeless. And I say timeless knowing full well this is very much an EIGHTIES movie in capital letters. There's Jheri curl juice all over this time, keyboards and synth and, I'm sure somewhere, a key-tar, and it's tempting to say a lot of the movie is dated by proxy of how the characters are dressed (except Prince who just dressed like Prince) and the cutting which is sometimes fine and other times pure music video of the period.But as far as "music video" movies go, this is still a stand-out, and if you come to it only moderately familiar with his work (as I was) you'll want to pick up much more of his music than before. In other words, Purple Rain dances with greatness and mediocrity and comes out in the middle.

Morgan W (fr) wrote: my fav. Jean-Claude Van Damme film. i really like this film. not really sure how to explain why i like it.