Fiorina la vacca

Fiorina la vacca


Plenty of fun erotic stories in the spirit of the "Decameron", united by one constant hero - unlucky cow Fiorina. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chosen 7 (ag) wrote: Very entertaining film. Robin Tunney is too sexy.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: The deranged horse butcher from Carne is now struggling to regain any control of his life after spending many years in jail, in a heart-wrenching and incredibly disturbing film that has an amazing performance by Philippe Nahon and an absolutely brilliant final act.

Fuat Z (ru) wrote: Hidup adalah perjuangan. Kisah sepasang suami istri yang harus mengalami masa sulit ketika keduanya dipecat dari pekerjaan secara bersamaan. Bisa jadi merupakan "downlight" dari setiap kehidupan working class.

Sumanjit R (br) wrote: It's the one of the most celebrated Bolly movies for a reason, good movie overall, good acting lovely songs bound together by a pretty good love story!

Kyle R (br) wrote: i want to watch it in full movie

Juho K (ag) wrote: Melko onnistunut sotatrilleri, mutta karsii muutamasta alyttomasta tarinan kulkuun vaikuttavista epauskottavuudesta (ainakin elokuvan loppupuolella). Ainakin yhta niista voi puolustella sanomalla, etta rakkaus on sokea.

Theo S (au) wrote: excellent...a classic!

Art S (us) wrote: Sidney Toler comes up against the supernatural in the form of Zodiac, a possibly phony psychic who is possibly blackmailing people (including one of Charlie Chan's friends) until they commit suicide. The Imdb trivia page suggests that this movie might have provided some inspiration for San Francisco's 1960s Zodiac killer. Huh? But as far as the CC series goes, this is a ripper -- probably one of the best. The cast of potential suspects is better defined (including Cesar Romero as a magician) as is the overall arc of the plot and tightness of the script (even Number Two Son Jimmy's comic relief is kept to a minimum). If it influenced anything, it is more likely to have been "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?"

Spencer B (nl) wrote: Don't waste your time.