Fire Birds

Fire Birds

A joint task force operation between the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Army has been formed to dismantle one of the largest drug cartels operating in South America. Multiple attempts to assault the cartel's mountainous compound have been thwarted by a Scorpion-attack helicopter piloted by a cartel leader, Eric Stoller (Bert Rhine). After having several aircraft shot down, most notably a pair of UH–60 Black Hawks and their AH–1 Cobra escorts, the army turns to the new AH–64 Apache attack helicopter, which can match its enemies' maneuverability and firepower.

The U.S. Government is willing to help any country that requires help in ridding themselves of drugs with support from the Army. Unfortunately, the drug cartels have countered that offer by hiring one of the best air-combat mercenaries and have armed him with a Scorpion attack helicopter. The army decides to send in its best people from its Apache Air Combat school. But first they have to be taught how to fly air-to-air combat missions . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe R (jp) wrote: 82 minutos de maestra. Un relato que hay que ver.

hannah t (fr) wrote: I thought this film had no story line to it and it kept changing thought it would have bin alot better

Raymond L (br) wrote: After Dog bite dog, I expect a lot from Cheang Pou-Soi in this film, but I am disappointed.

Michaela W (jp) wrote: Very interesting from beginning to the end!

Amelia T (es) wrote: brilliantly funny movie ! Great sass that the girl has too (: one of my fav Korean romcom of all times !

powwow hulster lil eagle aka BIG HAPPY (it) wrote: i love you moga oglala lakota pride

Manuel P (mx) wrote: historia super ridicula

Todd A (us) wrote: It's pretty bad when your rooting for the horribly CGI rendered hip hop Kangaroo to murder the two annoying leads.

Rostek P (us) wrote: It's a surprisingly good film, even though I wanted the director to go further exploring the conflict (especially with Agnes, since Elin was a more fully realized character). But it's a film that's touching and funny and realistic and it has a bunch of terrific performance by teenage actors.

Aries M (ag) wrote: Vanessa Williams: very young!!!

Dennis M (ca) wrote: people done fell off of dis movie its off da chain

Janetta B (es) wrote: I love it when she sets the car on fire...

Sgt C (gb) wrote: (58%) On a comparable par with the likes of Arnie's Raw deal and Chuck Norris's Code of silence, made at a time when big Steve gave a damn about the films he appeared in. The queen of Blaxploitation Pam Grier and top baddie Henry Silva elevate the film, so does Seagal to be perfectly fair.

Matty S (au) wrote: I had always heard of this film, but after finally watching it I was very disappointed. There is certainly a point here, but Goddard's artifice and pacing is so slow that it almost felt like cinematic torture to me.

Garrison R (kr) wrote: Paved the way for The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, etc.

Luc L (gb) wrote: A didactic film which is ridiculously incredible. It's more a fantasy film than drama.

Juan S (nl) wrote: amazing Kevin Smith movie and an amazing Carrie Fisher little cameo and also Wes Craven cameo R.I.P. Wes Craven and Carrie Fisher

Ola G (au) wrote: Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory Wilson (Juliette Lewis) aren't your typical lovers - after killing her abusive father Ed Wilson (Rodney Dangerfield), they go on a road trip where a killing spree begins. They do however leave one person alive at every shooting to tell the story about Mickey & Mallory and soon enough they become media superstars thanks to the press and as well a ruthless reporter, Wayne Gale (Robert Downey Jr.). At the same time they have the violent and psychotic Detective Jack Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore) on their trail...I saw "Natural Born Killers" on a very small advance screening back in 1994 and was blown away by the hypnotic, violent, surreal, edgy, fragmented and wild experience it is. Many years have passed since and it has been several years since I re-saw it and now I felt it was time to see this Bonnie and Clyde inspired road movie again. Oliver Stones film is one long case study in America's fascination with violence/pseudo-culture and theres plenty pop cultural gold to wallow in. Critics over the years have panned this film as a 'glorification of meaningless violence', but the film turns the paranoia of a nation into satire and then deconstruct it into a live and direct sopa opera that engages the viewer to the max and almost puts you in the hysteric violence. The sensationalism of the media during the 90s hasnt changed that much and it saturates most of Western civilization today, where it's more important to see celebrities doing what ever it might be instead of focusing on real issues that exist in our world. "Natural Born Killers" is shot and edited in a frenzied and psychedelic style consisting of black and white, animation, and other unusual color schemes, and employing a wide range of camera angles, filters, film stocks, lenses, and special effects. Much of the film is told via parodies of television shows and commercials which were commonly on the air at the time of the film's release make brief, intermittent appearances. This was truly intense and innovative (The editing of the film took 11 months) in 1994, but does that hold up in 2016? Not really to be completely honest. When watching it today, the idea is there but most of the film feels technically insufficient and the amateurish way the film is handled at times by Stone drags it down (despite the fact that it has been most likely done deliberately). And I dont patricularly like Harrelson nor Lewis in the main roles as they never manages to make you believe in their existence. Im not as impressed by "Natural Born Killers" today as I was in 1994. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four stars out of four and wrote, "Seeing this movie once is not enough. The first time is for the visceral experience, the second time is for the meaning." Other critics found the film unsuccessful in its aims. Hal Hinson of The Washington Post claimed that "Stone's sensibility is white-hot and personal. As much as he'd like us to believe that his camera is turned outward on the culture, it's vividly clear that he can't resist turning it inward on himself. This wouldn't be so troublesome if Stone didn't confuse the public and the private." Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote, "for all its surface passions, Natural Born Killers never digs deep enough to touch the madness of such events, or even to send them up in any surprising way. Mr. Stone's vision is impassioned, alarming, visually inventive, characteristically overpowering. But it's no match for the awful truth." James Berardinelli gave the film a negative review but his criticism was different from many other such pans, which generally said that Oliver Stone was a hypocrite for making an ultra-violent film in the guise of a critique of American attitudes. Berardinelli noted that the movie "hits the bullseye" as a satire of America's lust for bloodshed, but repeated Stone's main point so often and so loudly that it became unbearable. Trivia: Oliver Stone has always maintained that the film is a satire on how serial killers are adored by the media for their horrific actions, and that those who claim the violence in the movie itself is a cause of societal violence have missed the point of the movie entirely. When producers Jane Hamsher and Don Murphy first brought Quentin Tarantino's screenplay to Oliver Stone's attention, Stone's initial idea was to make a lighthearted all-action blockbuster. His previous film, "Heaven & Earth" (1993), had been a difficult shoot which had failed at the box office, and he saw 'Natural Born Killers' as a way to make a fun movie and play with genre conventions. As he puts it himself in Chaos Rising: The Storm Around 'Natural Born Killers' (2001), he planned to make "something Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of." As the project developed however, Stone found the movie getting deeper and deeper, and soon all hopes for a simple action spectacular were gone.

Eliabeth H (mx) wrote: We need more 90s movies.

Toni M (jp) wrote: Almost as good as the book. Very watchable alternative history about the racial issue in Nazi Germany, the power of a free press, and the stance of a free nation towards a totalitarian regime. Makes one really wonder why the Communist Gulag never affected the Dtente this way...