Fire Line

Fire Line

Two young crooks who scam betters in the race track are employed by a yakuza gang called the Shigemori Syndicate to steal a shipment of handguns from a rival gang. Somewhere in the process they find themselves on the run from their own gang and one of them becomes himself romantically entangled with the boss's girlfriend. An ambitious underboss of the gang offers them a way out if they murder the previous boss but things don't turn out as planned (for everyone).

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Chip M (ca) wrote: A fun and clever documentary on the history and tricks of the trade in voice acting from the world's best.

Gary V (mx) wrote: I finally saw Behind the Candleabra this week on our new Netflix account. Michael Douglas was superb as the flamboyant Liberace and Matt Damon was completely believable. Good movie.

Jarrett M (it) wrote: Hollywood needs to take notes from this flick. Ninja proves you don't need shaking cam or high budget to make a awesome martial arts action film.

Ker Malkin G (fr) wrote: I need more Amy Adams. lol

Marcus W (fr) wrote: It's no secret that Nicolas Cage is incapable of saying no to any script - except he decided to direct this one. Doesn't make it any better.

Kim W (gb) wrote: A relatively small amount of contrived drama, but mostly sweet, romantic, and sex scenes with Faramir from LOTR. :)

Thomas L (gb) wrote: This is 80's horror comedy greatness. Smart enough to not take itself too seriously.

Lee B (it) wrote: Great movie...only surpassed in the series by the larger budgeted sequel.

Leah W (it) wrote: Awesomely bad - more comedy than horror. It seems like this movie was written explicitly to make Tara Reid look smart.

Justin M (ag) wrote: I saw in 3D (grand) and enjoyed the story and some of the acting, especially the lead policeman. I found myself wishing I knew more about personal banking in GB in the 1950s...which is not a good thing.

Peter F (nl) wrote: Not quite as bad as the retarted concept would have you think, but the effort to make it sentimental falls almost entirely flat.

Tina K (es) wrote: Love this show. It's my favorite tv show since Boston Legal.

Calvin R (es) wrote: Another scary film that had great performances, suspense, and great story. Parnormal Activity runs for 90 mintues, but its full of actual scare scenes. I don't reccomand it if you are not into scary movies, because this will scare you until the credit start rolling.

Max K (ca) wrote: Was very boring, cheesy, and the jokes just weren't funny. Waisted my time watching this