Fired Up

Fired Up


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Marko J (jp) wrote: A great, realistic war film.

Bill S (nl) wrote: Exciting at times, this movie does not consistently hold the viewer's interest.

Richard V (jp) wrote: An inspiring drama based on a true story, Kinky Boots tells the story of a man who turns to a drag queen to help save his shoe factory. It's fun, interesting, and a great story.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: Fun film. I remember that one scene with the phrase "Yahoo".

Brad G (es) wrote: Even as a kid the first sequel in the Police Academy franchise was always my least favorite. The Gute and the rest of the graduates leave the school behind to join the hellhole of Johnny Fever's 16th Precinct. There are a couple of fun, goofy bits involving Michael Winslow's sudden Kung Fu skills that will serve him well in the rest of the sequels, and Tackleberry's relationship with his lady partner is somewhat cute, but the Bobcat gang feels more 80s TV than 80s movie and the script is not clever enough to handle the drop from R to PG. I'm just saying, a few more F bombs could have been a nice distraction from the hokum. VF.

Robin P (fr) wrote: Richard Gere did a good job, I liked it.

Tom D (kr) wrote: This is a different Clint Eastwood movie that is enjoyable. Most of the characters are interesting except for the one played by Sondra Locke. Locke's character is really annoying for most of the movie. If you are a fan of Eastwood's then I would check this film out.

Art S (br) wrote: I hadn't seen any Laurel and Hardy since I was a kid and I was curious. The appearance of the duo (after some stage-setting Western scenes) was at first gently amusing, as I recalled their stock-in-trade characters. But then their ridiculous interdependence and the chaos that they can so easily create did become funny (culminating with Ollie's head in a pail on the floor). Yes, there are also some weird song and dance interludes. As you might suspect, plot is secondary here.