Fireflies in the Garden

Fireflies in the Garden

The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy.

The Taylor family is devastated by an accident that takes place on the day their matriarch is due to graduate from college -- decades after leaving to raise her children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (jp) wrote: I'm such a huge fan of Dakota Fanning since she was this big and it's almost painful to see how grown and talented she is. The movie was boring I'd have to admit, some kind of a not so good afterall or is it friendship, boys and families and everything. Meh..

Thomas F (ag) wrote: Probably the best Gervais movie, although thats not saying much- hes much better on TV. Did get alot of laughs.

WS W (es) wrote: Another teen movie. The twist & turn at the end is so abrupt & awkward, surprising though.

Kylie C (au) wrote: quite funny and very moving. What a shame we all have to grow old. I found the main characters to be very real. One I will watch again.

DIVA (us) wrote: i seriously loved this movie because this little girls imagination is quite similar to mine!! this movie is the best ive seen in a long while!!

Pedro P (us) wrote: The first Uruguayan film I've seen. Wry, observant and deeply, deeply involving. Over and over again, I keep discovering that films about marginal but interesting characters can only be made in 'marginal' countries like Uruguay, Turkey, Iran, Korea or Argentina. As Hollywood continues along in its feckless manner, playing its violin like Nero, we must turn to the barbarians at the gate for signs of true humanity.

Sarah P (au) wrote: It stars out all over the place and I didn't keep watching to find out if it got better.

Sean L (ca) wrote: Wooden acting from the lead and couple that with a story line we have seen over and over before. Nothing new here and nothing we can't see on TV...except naked women and never a naked man...typical.

Jason C (de) wrote: Do not toy with aging actresses!

Rob G (us) wrote: A few cheesy lines, the rest, really a gritty, deep, indulging movie. Rotten Tomatoes is an interesting site. The Tomatoe reviewers give weird ratings, this piece of art gets a 39, Thelma and Louise, a complete piece of horse dung has a huge approval rating. What on earth ?