Firelight is a period romance/drama film written and directed by William Nicholson. It was Nicholson's first, and to date only, film as director.

In 1838, lovely governess Elisabeth agrees to bear a child of anonymous English landowner, and he will in return pay her father's debt. At birth she, as agreed, gives up the child. Seven ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zoom L (it) wrote: A movie that manages to keep you in "solving the puzzle" mode till the very end, creepy and on the edge of your seat. Kudos to the director!

Laurent P (jp) wrote: Polar rugueux dans lequel les rapports humains s'effacent derriere les procedures administratives et les lois du Milieu. L'ensemble peut sembler sec, mais la relation pere fille des deux flics Zem et Bekhti, tous deux excellent,apporte un coeur au film sur la ligne d'arrivee.

Joseph B (jp) wrote: I'm only even giving it this rating because of the actors this movie could have been so much better in virtually every aspect. Why do screenwriters and directors have to mess up good casts with crappy material and direction.

Emma R (jp) wrote: Almost gold movie, a good silver though

Jaqueline N (nl) wrote: interesting horror movie

Juliette F (ag) wrote: Okay...mainly I just like Janeane Garafalo in this one, but the film's really good as well.

Freeman M (ru) wrote: Despite the fact that this is obviously a rip-off of earlier, better movies (mostly Heathers), I was still willing to roll with this for a while. . .until it completely imploded.

Issac L (nl) wrote: Don't be fooled by the dark glasses in the cover of its DVD box or its poster, this John Huston film is not about a hipster's feel-good adventure and Finney is no Hercule Poirot here (although he does reunite with his co-star Bisset from MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS 1974, 9/10), the truth is, it is adapted from Malcolm Lowry's classic but "unadaptable" novel with the same title. Set in 1939, Mexico, starts on the eve of the Day of the Dead, it focuses on a former British consul's life in one-day span, plagued by incorrigible alcoholism and blindsided by his ex-wife's return with an attempt to rekindle their new life together, he begins to realize he is a lost cause which is beyond any succor, and the finale is both stalely traumatizing and embarrassingly contrived. But one sure thing is that Finney devotes fully to the role and evokes wondrous affections from the very beginning, he is a genuine force of self-destruction, a damaged soul would be a nuisance to others, but underneath his portly and alcohol-soaked figure, he represents one state-of-mind can virtually remind us how fragile and pathologically determined one can be, even it heads to a suicidal ruin. His two co-stars, Bisset and Andrews, come on board also pretty strikingly with their different nature of temperaments, Bisset is the glamorous ex-wife who balks at her further step as we do watch her hemming in the quandary, Andrews is a pleasant matador, his side of the story should have been more explored, clearly he knows what had happened between the couple, but nobody cares to shed a light here, as the horrible coda lurks, the movie only manages to exert all its energy to an irksome case of xenophobia without giving any justice to its cause and effect. So undeniably Houston's later career wanes harshly in quality, still, a notable mention should be addressed to the legendary composer Alex North (grabs his last Oscar nomination out of a total 15 nominations without a win except an Honorary award in 1986), whose eerie opening score of the variegated skull show does set a high bar to what this anti-climax film would actually offer, sad to say but this is another John Huston work I dare not to advocate (after THE MAN WHO COULD BE KING 1975, 5/10 and PRIZZI'S HONOR 1985, 5/10).

Generoso F (br) wrote: This film which won the Academy award for Best foreign film is a "friendlier" version of Blier's earlier masterpiece, Les Valuses. Good cast and dialog still make this a decent watch.

Rainer K (es) wrote: I kinda understand what makes this film artistically important or rich. I can't say though I'm a fan of this style.Three and a half hour of housework maybe actually is the everyday life of millions of people, but this kind of storytelling (if you want to call it that way) is just a waste of the rich possibilites of the medium film. Of course, realistic filmmakers try to create something true and honest and all that stuff and I kinda respect them for their effort, but film essentially consists of framing and cutting and abandoning the latter doesn't make a better or truer film but a cripple.Haneke came into my mind when I watched the first scenes of the film. He also uses long takes with static cameras, no music and only little dialogue. He tries to tell us something though, not only show us something that can't even really trigger imagination.Maybe Jeanne Dielman is a highly symbolic film or an in-depth analysis could dig up various forms of interpretation, I couldn't see it though.I really admire the effort and the meticulous narrative, but oh boy, this film drags along like a piece of gum on your soles. On the other hand you don't really miss anything if you take a piss in the middle of the life (I guess everything has advantages and disadvantages) but this shouldn't be the goal of a filmmaker imo (I look at you Vlado Kristl!)Anyways, the final statement is quite powerful indeed, only that I was almost braindead because of the previous three hours of film when it finally occured. It caught me completely by surprise because I didn't think anything interesting would come up, but eventually Chantal Akerman shows some cynism (or genuine humour, if I think about it, this film is so sophisticated, no wonder I couldn't grasp it) and just dives into something so abnormal, considering the rest of the film, it almost gives the film Lynchian qualities.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Good cast and director elevate a fairly standard submarine story into something better than most sub stories. Interesting item of note, William Holden could not remember filming any of this movie due to his heavy drinking at the time. And this is yet another hard to find film that is not available on DVD or VHS that was shown on Turner Classic Movies. TCM is the best!

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Derek D (gb) wrote: Though most loved it, I found it to be a stereotypical mess.

Monique M (fr) wrote: This ones on at 8pm tonight. love the old Peter Cushing/ Christopher Lee films. :D

Felipe F (br) wrote: Memorable set pieces, catchy songs and Julie Andrews' enchanting performance help to elevate Mary Poppins, a Disney musical quite overrated.