The office of Levin's PR agency be decorated for the company party. The staff retiring for the day of giggly mood and goes home to get changed for the evening's other pleasures.

Office executive Knut Levin decides to arrange a party at work. Things don't go exactly according to plan with hilarious results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (nl) wrote: All of the criticism you have heard that "The Secret Life of Pets" is just a ripoff of "Toy Story" are 100% true. Loaded with a recycled plot, characters who are completely unlikable and in the case of Snowball the rabbit (Voiced by Kevin Hart.), annoying beyond all belief, there is really no reason to make time for this terrible movie which, in my opinion, should have won the Razzie for Worst Ripoff, Remake or Sequel.

Lyndon N (ca) wrote: This film is complete and total drivel. Low on mutants, storyline, and excitement. High on annoying characters that sound like they're reading their lines for the first time. The costuming is bland and uninspired, looking like they dressed their post Apocalypse preppers at the strip mall a week ago. The action sequences look like a 13 yr old edited them after discovering a pirated copy of AfterFX. I have no idea what this was supposed to be. The DVD cover is completely misleading. I've seen first year film students produce more cohesive films. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Not even bad in a fun way.

Asa B (de) wrote: Antz meets The Artist in this delightful animation/real locations blend. A touch long but it is full of heart.

Sree K (fr) wrote: a taut thriller. predictable story line but the screenplay was different and kept the audience to the edge of the seats, first half was smooth and picked up at the right momentum. the interval block is awesome. second half was equally good and the last 15 minutes of the movie is asset. there were some interjections of comedy to relieve the viewers from the thrilling screenplay. some abrupt editing here and there. direction mistake at slight unnoticeable pace. but else where it was gripping till the end. the movie is really good and recommended to watch at all cost. positives: story screenplay direction and cast performancenegatives: lack of strong background score , some abrupt editing seen in 2nd half. since it is a low budget movie, everything is commendable. rating : 4/5 comment: appreciation for the screenplay and narration.

Jamie N (fr) wrote: Paul Andrew Williams burts onto the scene with this gritty, hellish glimpse into London's underworld. Delving into the lives of two unlikely companions as they battle gangster's to stay alive, London To Brighton explores themes of crime, murder, companionship and questions the morals of modern-day society. It's a thundering rollercoaster ride of emotions that grabs you from the get-go, hurtling you through a series of compelling scenes, leaving you emotionally exausted, yet entirely satified by the films ending. Paul Andrew Williams crafts a raw, tense and assuring British drama, with near flawless performances from it's central cast, who manage to keep the audience hooked despite the borderline audacious plot pitfalls. Paul Andrews Williams shows signs of greatness in this taut, gritty British crime drama, showcasing fantastic performances from a tight-knit cast.

Arimbi H (ag) wrote: I really love this movie, and for sake, I'm dying to have the dvd, but i cannot find it. Well, This movie is tragically great. Ironic yet full of surprises

Grant S (nl) wrote: A man reminisces about his youth, growing up in the 1930s and 40s in New York. We see and hear stories of himself, his parents, neighbours and friends and local celebrities. The common denominator in all the stories and in the overarching plot is the presence of the radio - it brought music, news, stories, escape and comfort, made stars of everyday people and was often the glue in families and relationships.A wonderfully sentimental, nostalgic and funny homage to radio from Woody Allen. Though the story in the movie doesn't fit his life story exactly you can see how it could be very close to it. It's also a history lesson, as many of radio's seminal moments from the 30s and 40s are covered (eg Orson Welles's War of the Worlds). Moreover, the broad feeling of nostalgia for a time and experience that cannot be relived and retrieved is very palpable and emotional.It's not all sentimentality though. The movie largely consists of episodes and vignettes from the narrator's memory. Many of these scenes are absurdly funny (Mia Farrow with the gangster takes the cake, but the prize-winning burglars aren't far behind). Allen allows his imagination to go wild, and it takes him to some wonderfully offbeat places.Performances are great too. No Woody Allen himself (except as narrator), but we have a young Seth Green effectively playing Woody Allen as a child, and doing a solid job. Good work too from Julie Kavner and Michael Tucker as his parents. The supporting cast is huge, due to the many mini-stories within the movie, and includes many Woody Allen favorites: Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello, Tony Roberts. Some only have one or two lines (or, in Diane Keaton's case, one song). Nobody puts a foot wrong. William H Macy and Larry David, unknowns at the time, have minor, non-speaking parts.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Okay... I don't know what all the fuss has been all about. That wasn't very good at all. So many of the juvenile, cringeworthy jokes just fall completely flat. It's just a lame attempt to just do another Meatballs clone. The cast is great and they're very enthusiastic, so that helps, but ultimately they're just wasted here. I think this might be a lot funnier if I was really drunk or high, but sorry, that doesn't make a good comedy...