First Daughter

First Daughter

A female Secret Service agent goes against protocol to save the U.S. president from an assassination attempt. She is reassigned to protect the president's daughter, which she considers a demotion. When the first daughter is kidnapped during a hiking trip, the agent and a river guide go to rescue her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   fight,   dancing,  

A female Secret Service agent goes against protocol to save the U.S. president from an assassination attempt. She is reassigned to protect the president's daughter, which she considers a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl M (ag) wrote: The movie had potential, and was interesting at times, but really, really average at best.

Patrick S (it) wrote: Good video-clip editing, even better soundtrack. Unfortunately it's too cluttered at times and Morgen could've taken the time to explore the background stories of the protagonists and the anti-war movement a bit deeper.

Terri H (it) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Eric G (jp) wrote: One of the most powerful examples of forgiveness and redemption told masterfully. An emotional but inspiring movie that should be seen by everyone...

irin T (mx) wrote: interesting biopic, yet not as good as some of the other HBO stuff...

Nathanial v (ca) wrote: great soundtrack; though mel gibson felt wanting in some places

Jordan K (kr) wrote: Pleasantville gives off a comforting, nice element that soon turns a little more into a social message as it goes on - this is great in a sense, but the mood of the film is drastically differing between prejudice storylines and replicating 1950s culture, sticking to the original plot.Two bickering siblings, David and Jennifer, are given a high tech remote that sucks them into the world of David's favorite 1950s sitcom Pleasantville. Unable to escape for weeks on end, they tamper with some of the classic episodes and make the dreary black and white repetitive nature of Pleasantville more uplifting and colorful, literally. As technicolor slowly begins to spread into the once all black and white town, prejudice arises amongst a corrupt local government and David and Jennifer strive to fix Pleasantville's problems before returning home.Pleasantville's plot always seemed interesting to me before I watched it and heard about it, and it really is interesting. Comparative to that of fellow late 90s fun on 50s culture film Blast from the Past, its original storyline of getting back home and not tampering too much with original episode storylines is overriden by the uprising of technicolor in Pleasantville, a clearly personal but still very inventive social statement. The charming nature of Pleasantville is soon reminded that even in this seemingly perfect realm, trouble and gloom still resides - which is great, but affects the film's atmosphere in its final hour. Pleasantville isn't possible without a great story, and it mainly delivered on that achievement - there were a lot of missed opportunities floating around for more entertaining plot turns. The performances are good, nothing to run home about but they're fine. Some characters are very likable - specifically, I found Jeff Daniels' character to be great - and others achieve at being loathsome. Pleasantville is good and gives a lot of inventive, groundbreaking and clever ideas for a story, but it tends to flipflop on that same element.

Twinkle D (mx) wrote: typical camping movie with kids.. the difference.. the camp leader IS NOT REALLY A CAMP LEADER!! ..funny (at times)

Nishad P (de) wrote: a good autobiographical account of DP..reminiscent a bit of other such lives/movies.. but the caustic wit makes it stand out..

Lee M (gb) wrote: The performances and the dialogue are worthier than the story itself.

Peter H (kr) wrote: A BIG BLOCK OF 80'S CHEESE.

Jakob H (us) wrote: Incompetent, pathetic, well meaning and extremely boring.

Akramul i (mx) wrote: Matched only by Ben-Hur and Lawrence Of Arabia, this is the grant story of a great man who can only be brought down by God

Racheal E (es) wrote: Proper good old script, classic fall in love with the wrong person kinda thing. Bette Davis amazing as always.

John R (ag) wrote: 8th Bond Film. This has always been one of my favorite Bond movies. Jamaica, Voodoo and Sheriff J.W.Pepper; who could ask for more.