First Light

First Light

In May 1940, feeling the RAF needs every man to fight to Luftwaffe, Geoffrey 'Geoff'/'Boy' Wellum joins at 18, becoming the youngest ever Spitfire pilot. After an intense training, he soon bonds with the flying men of his squadron. In the air, danger is great, but on the ground drinks, sports and girls, in Geoff's case Sarah, provide great comfort. However in time, the casualties exact a grueling psychological toll, until his tour of duty is ended after 18 months.

In May 1940 eighteen-year old Geoffrey Wellum joins the 92 squadron of the Royal Air Force and is taken to the pub,where pilots who have seen action sign their names on a blackboard. Next ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad D (fr) wrote: This was basically a simple story of young lovers but was well done as far as the two actors who were actually 17 years of age playing 17. I just watched it on tv and found it pleasant and enjoyable. Robby Benson and Glynnis O'Connor teamed together in other productions such as a television production of Our Town(this is a must see) and the movie Ode to Billy Joe. For those who remember what it was like to fall in love at a young age, this is a must see.

DC F (de) wrote: This film has a couple of funny back-and-forth banter between our main character and others. Ahead of it's time, but overdone sometimes and just goofy even for 1970.

Adam V (mx) wrote: Review coming soon..

Ian C (kr) wrote: Atkins is the balls but this series is flogging a dead horse. The only good US was the first one, where both VanDamme and Lundgren were the main stars. They both have just glorified cameos here. The action is solid enough to keep you entertained and at times is ultra violent. Maybe they should just do one more with both the original stars in the lead and then end it on a high, because the three sequels have been shocking.