First Love

First Love

After the doctor's refusal to perform abortion on a 17-year old girl, she and her boyfriend have to cope with the new situation. They both need to learn to take responsibility for their decisions, in spite of numerous hardships facing them.

After the doctor's refusal to perform abortion on a 17-year old girl, she and her boyfriend have to cope with the new situation. They both need to learn to take responsibility for their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Carlos I (jp) wrote: So ridiculous and corny, but so much damn fun! Would make a great drinking movie. One of the better nature gone wild b-horror flicks.

Leena L (ru) wrote: Phil Spector, a legend. And a nut case, if you are to believe this film. Nothing much happens, but Al Pacino gets to spend a looong time shouting out his monologues the way only he can. And Helen Mirren, who would think that lady turns 70 this summer!

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Roland S (us) wrote: Even the first two films are great by comparison.

Sweety H (ag) wrote: Moves along at a slow pace so you can enjoy every minute of it.

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Gemini L (nl) wrote: much better than the first movie. better story..not quite as cheesey!!

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Jana K (it) wrote: it was a terrible movie

Thomas P (nl) wrote: Fresh, and charged with life, this dramedy from the celebrated stage play is given a successful film release.Taut drama, fresh humor, Tandy, Freeman and Ackroyd are perfect as the starchy, driving matriarch, supported by the long suffering chauffeur and her son.Brilliantly nuanced, they keep each other on their toes.The ending could have been given more strength, depth and emotional resonance, but sufficient as given.A powerful play given new life as a movie.4 out of 5 4 of 5

Brandon T (gb) wrote: Pee-Wee's charm and lively attitude and humility only works for the 1st half hour of this film, then it goes dull.

James A (ag) wrote: Despite an all star cast this film never really hits the mark and has a disjointed feel throughout its long run time. By the end, I had lost interest in the story altogether, and was wishing I had picked something else to watch. The appearances of John Cleese and Jeff Goldblum add humour, but do at the same time create closer comparsion to Blazing Saddles than High Noon, which was presumably not the aim for this gun slinger western. Overall, a weak and confusing plot without a lead character you could really care about. Average fare.

Ted S (ag) wrote: This movie is for these reasons in this order:1. The music2. Lovable characters3. Taste of old Jewish cultureNotice story doesn't make the top 3. Conflict doesn't really start until a mention of the Tsar kicking Jews outs 50 mins into the movie. It more follows the Shakespeare act play instead of the 3 act play.

Jacob M (it) wrote: A pretty good thriller from Truffaut. A well-crafted tribute to Hitchcock.

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