First Man Into Space

First Man Into Space

Once he was a handsome, fearless test pilot. ow he is a viscious, hideous love-killer. Did the deadly gamma rays do it? In this classic 50s sci-fi thriller, cocky all-american test pilot Dan Prescott disobeys orders and flies an experimental rocket 250 miles above the earth, thus becoming the first man into space.

The first pilot to leave Earth's atmosphere lands, then vanishes; but something with a craving for blood prowls the countryside... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Losang S (br) wrote: Steve Segal, what a dofus!

Darryl L (us) wrote: The Up series started in 1963 (with 7 Up) and has followed 14 people with new documentaries every seven years (7 Up, 14 Up, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up, 49 Up). The subjects are interviewed about the same kinds of things (relationships, education, money, ambitions, and so on) and we watch as their views, hair, waistlines and careers change or not. It is reality television, but with the added benefit of time. You will feel a bit paternal or maternal as you watch these cute 7 years olds. For the rest of the series, you will see these people the way a parent sees his child. You will feel for them during the awkward 14 Up interviews. You'll feel some pride as some of them show the signs of doing well in 21 Up. And so on.I watched all the films in the series in about a week, which is an interesting way to experience someone's life. I have often thought about how to document things over time, whether it's photographing my children in places I visited as a child or interviewing my niece and nephew every few years. So when I found this series, I was shocked that someone had my idea -- or rather something much more elaborate than my idea and had been doing it since the 1960s.There are some adult theme in this series, but nothing terribly inappropriate. I think all parents should watch this with their kids. They will hopefully see the causal relationship between actions and decisions you take when you're, say, 14 and how it will affect the rest of your life.When I'm 78 and have forgotten The Bourne Ultimatum and Spider-Man, I will still remember the Up series. Watch it.

Giovanna B (us) wrote: Intensa. Muy intensa.

Ryan A (br) wrote: What I got to say about "Flicka" is that it's a good descent movie. The performances by the cast is good. The directing by Michael Mayer (VI) is really good. The screenplay by Laurence Konner and Mark Rosenthal is fine. The cinematography in this movies is good. And the score is nice and sweet all at the same time. "I'm raving that "Flicka" is a movie that the family will enjoy and love."

Dillinger P (it) wrote: This cult classic, with all its fancy camera work to help shift reality, doesn't age as well as you may have thought back in 2001. But Chopper's character work, its strong story and its high taste for visual flair makes it an extremely enjoyable take on the character of Mark "Chopper" Read. Mark is a notorious crook and after spending quite a turbulent time in H block, he is set free among the world. This film highlights how he interacts with modern day life, Mark trying to live a normal life while constantly having to look over his shoulders and of course it touches on his best selling novel. Eric Bana puts in a stormer of a performance here, some would say for the time it paved the way for the aussie actor. He encapsulates the young and old Chopper brilliantly, not just in body mass but in full character embodiment. At no point during this film do you sit and go, Eric Bana is doing a brilliant job, that is because as an audience member you are so invested in his performance you feel like you are watching the real thing. The supporting cast are enjoyable enough, but like many films that contain such an iconic role, they just dont live up to the leads power house performance. The mood is brilliant, this feels like an early Bronson, it has Nicholas Winding Refn all over it and I wouldnt be surprised if he hadn't taken some form of inspiration from this cracker. Set's are lit perfectly for the mood, from cold grey cells to warm fire glow red clubs, visually it captures the mood everywhere Mark Read goes. The camera work is fantastic too, in fact dynamic moves are used sparingly but skillfully to create a real sense of either urgency or fear.The tone of the film is also perfect, it flips between comedy and brutal thriller like a coin tossing in mid air. My gripe would be that there isnt more of this movie, we feel it build and build and then before we know it, the legend just kind of fizzles out. Maybe thats the point but I left feeling just a bit deflated. So aside from Eric Bana running rings round his co stars and a slightly deflating ending, Chopper is a cult classic that you pretty much have to get behind, even if it has dated slightly.

Roxanne A (ag) wrote: This film is an emotional rollercoaster that completely derails itself. It starts out slow, moody, & bright. There is even perhaps a glimmer of happiness surrounding the bride & groom to be, which still, is tainted by the weird relationship between mother and son. The dysnfunctional relationships are intriguing enough to draw you in, but when mystery girl shows up I was honestly tempted to shut the movie off. Her explanation of who she was to Pierre in the woods was a little drawn out and annoying to me. I decided then that I didn't like this film, but something kept me watching. I couldn't stop. It was like witnessing a trainwreck. I had no idea where this was going and the story was difficult to follow. What begins as soft, slow and moody suddenly transforms into a dark, loud, and chaotic nightmare...which is a welcome contrast for me but the film's choppy editing did not allow for that transition to go over smoothly. In the end, however, getting through Pola X was an experience. Not all films make you feel as if you are going through something with them even it's constant madness. I was left feeling momentarily depressed and just a little bit crazy. But that's what film is all about to me anyway, having an experience, even if it may not be a pleasant one.

Alex S (jp) wrote: Good action film starring Burt Reynolds.

John B (jp) wrote: A cute little pick me up for those suffering through the Depression, Lady for a Day is harmless Capra is not memorable Capra. Feel goodiness without too much depth.

Rhiannon R (nl) wrote: For a while I avoided this film, mainly for the fact Chaplin isn't actually in it (apart from 2 secs which don't count),but I finally succumbed and found myself engrossed by the characters. Here is a woman who is torn between love and leisure. If you think Chaplin only did comedy, think again, this drama is thought provoking, sad and brilliant, the acting is wonderful especially from Edna Purviance, who really shines.

John S (de) wrote: Underrated masterpiece!