First of All, Felicia

First of All, Felicia

Felicia expects that her sister will drive her to the Bucharest airport for her flight to Amsterdam. The sister flakes out, triggering a chain of frustrating complications that conspire to ...

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Rodrigo y (au) wrote: This documentary can't go wrong, let the people die with dignity!

Tyler C (us) wrote: people who put a zero really don't know film this beyond excellent in my opinion excellent and a beautiful film cinematography and acting

Remi L (br) wrote: It was okay. I watched it because nothing else was on

Tang H (de) wrote: just dislike Shawn Yue . and reli impressed with the expression of Isabella near the end of the movie.. it reli made me feel thrilled.

Michelle C (ag) wrote: Another movie of quirky, depressive characters. The father was the best quirky character, bringing out the best in the main characters.

Adrian M (ag) wrote: i completely disagree with oli's review. this film was, in my mind, the most successful john water's throwback i have seen in a while. it throws away all convention, it uses radical queer ideology and it is definitely worth everyone's time. plus, the use of political propaghanda to censor sex scenes was a bold way to throw the message in the face of the audience and make them think...

Mark W (us) wrote: Not a lot can really be said about this film. It starts promisingly with Butch "Bullet" Stein (Mickey Rourke) just released from prison and back into his old neighbourhood to get high and settle a score with the local homeboy "Tank" (Tupac Shakur) he had run in's with in the past. After the first 20mins it goes rapidly downhill. Most characters are stereotypical and actually don't make sense a lot of the time. There is next to no backstory as to why Bullet and Tank have a ongoing fued and like the characters, some scenes are just baffling due to lack of explanation. The film actually gets quite boring and once it's finished your left wondering what the point of it all was. One to be avoided. *1/2. Mark.

Travis J (us) wrote: Some decent funny scenes. Just like every other Pauly Shore movie though and relies on stupid humor.

Malcolm S (ag) wrote: Three reasons this is perfect: Oldman, Roth, Daniels. "Colin Bollock!" G-E-N-I-U-S

Tom G (br) wrote: amazing. how good swedish film can be. lindgren/hellbom was a great team back then..

Christopher L (de) wrote: As far as B-movies and camp classics go, this is one of the finest of the fine. It's right up there with "The Apple," "Zardoz," "Mommie Dearest" and the like with its delightfully quotable and hilarious dialogue and general ridiculousness. It's a wonderfully silly movie, and I loved it. "Now hang this around your secret neck..."

Steve M (br) wrote: They Came From Beyond Space Starring: Robert Hutton and Jennifer Jayne Director: Freddie Francis A group of scientists researching a strange group of meteors fall prey to alien mind-control. They swiftly start spreading their domination to others, as well as start spreading a deadly plague. When they try to dominate astrophysicist Dr. Curtis Temple (Hutton), the metal plate in his head protects him. He launches a one-man battle to figure out what the aliens are up to, and how they can be stopped. "They Came From Beyond Space" is a sci-fi movie in the "invisible invasion" mode that's got an okay cast and all the components of a great sci-fi thriller, but the stew never quite reaches a boil. The best moments of the film are the unintentional comedic moments, such as when Dr. Temple and a collegue literally create tin-foil hats for protection from the alien mind control. And aside from unintentional comedy, there's nothing else here worth commenting on. Don't waste your time on this one.

Tom D (jp) wrote: At the very start of the film I was unsure if I was going to enjoy this movie. But after the introduction this film really picks up. James Cagney gives a brilliant performance. Ann Sheridan is also very good in the lead female role. The story is exciting and it kept me interested all the way through the picture.

David L (jp) wrote: Extremely well edited, wonderfully directed, nicely shot, emotional, smart and simply fascinating, Finding Vivian Maier is an outstanding piece of documentary filmmaking with such an intriguing and unique subject matter that makes you totally invested in it from start to finish. It is a terrific character study and a look at the troubled, mysterious and complex person with very revealing and personal interviews, fast pacing and satisfying conclusion. The beginning is not that great and it should have dealt more with the art aspect, but this is a film that is masterfully done all around and so wonderfully edited with such a riveting story that is entirely engaging and beautiful to look at and smart to think about.

Joe H (fr) wrote: As much a political comedy as it is a commentary on politics, In the Loop is sharply insightful and bitingly funny. Multi-layered and populated with a bevy of over-the-top characterizations, the film follows the scheming, spinning, and miscommunication of political forces on both sides of the Pond as they wrestle for soft and hard power. The decision to shoot the film mockumentary-style was sheer genius because it imbues the zany proceedings with a disconcerting level of believability. In the Loop stings in the best possible way. No one is left unscathed.

M C (br) wrote: Hilarious B-movie gold. The script and acting are surprisingly solid, and the Leprechaun (played by Warrik Davis) is awesome. 65/100

Yuriy T (us) wrote: Dumb and predictable Pulp Fiction rip-off with a lot unnecessary violence.