First Orbit

First Orbit

A real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station. The film combines this new footage with Gagarin's original mission audio and a new musical score by composer Philip Sheppard.

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Nate F (mx) wrote: awful absolutely awful...but i couldnt stop watching it...and what the hell was up with the jamcian accent merlin??

Faisal F (nl) wrote: Film ini merupakan versi mandarin dari film "Cellular" (2004) yang cukup menegangkan. Kalau di Cellular pemeran wanita yang diculik adalah Kim Basinger, maka di film ini Barbie Hsu memerankan Grace Wong seorang janda muda yang tak tahu menahu mengapa dirinya diculik oleh sekelompok pria dingin yang begitu beringas. Disekap disebuah gudang tua Grace merakit kembali telepon yang telah rusak dan berhasil menghubungi seseorang yang tidak dikenalnya yaitu Bob(Louis Koo) Bob yang seorang Duda merasa iba dan mencoba menolong, walau sebenarnya ia juga sedang mempunyai masalah rumah tangga. Kejar-kejaranpun dimulai antara Bob dan para penjahat tsb yang ternyata menginginkan sebuah kamera yang merekam aksi kejahatan mereka membunuh para gembong narkoba dan yang merekam kejadian tersebut adalah Adik Grace yaitu Roy Wong(Carlos Chan), Dengan dibantu dengan Detektif Fai(Nick Cheung) Bob akhirnya berhasil membebaskan Grace.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Great premise and cast wasted in script that doesn't know where to go.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Dane Cook and Jessica Alba have perfect chemistry in this overly criticized romantic comedy.

David S (fr) wrote: esta bien Creepy! algo desesperante pero aguanta este horror thriller!

Michelle M (es) wrote: Chun!...Ba!!! Chun!! ...Ba!!! Heart-moving.....

Billy B (fr) wrote: Hilarious and gritty. A classic (and under-rated).

maclud m (mx) wrote: seriously ... did anybody watch this till the end ? If you really did, just leave a message : I'll buy you a drink. Cant believe they did something that boring with keitel and kinski in the same movie.

Crystal R (ca) wrote: One of the best Disney films since the 90's. A gorgeous display of 3D animation with charismatic characters, catchy songs and beautiful art direction. One of my very favorite princess films.

fero H (kr) wrote: Great film, Great remake. Seriously, both the Swedish version and the American version were great and so were the books, do not listen to any critics. I know good films, and I know how seldom a good movie comes along among the usual garbage that is pumped out annually, the story is refreshing, the characters are intriguing, and you end up wanting more. I believe this is a very capable franchise, and since the books themselves were so great and well read it would be very easy to give us more into the world of these fascinating characters. You may need to pay close attention to understand it, but it is without a doubt a classic, one of the few that is put out during the yearly one hundred or so crap films. That being said, to the writers and director, PLEASE MAKE MORE. Thank you, from a satisfied movie fan.

Carlos B (fr) wrote: Action film by 80's star Dolph Lundgren. The plot itself has been done over and over yet this film will bring a smile to any(80's)fan of mindless "let's blow up stuff and kill a ton of extras from a foreign country" type of fan. The movie being released in the 90's might had come a little to late,but I gotta say this is one of those films that right now are so bad,they're good! Lundgren acting was hilarious. Midly recommended...if you're into this type of films!