First Round Down

First Round Down


A former hockey player and hit man returns home to escape his past and care for his brother. However, his checkered past catches up to him faster than he can deliver pizza. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie S (br) wrote: After MVP (Most Valuable Primate), I had to see what else Robert Vince was up to. Probably the best use of dogs in any film. They were all so cute in their outfits. I just wanted to pull one out of the TV. Why wasn't this in theaters?

Cameron K (br) wrote: Much better than the most recent one.

Matthew B (ag) wrote: Perfect and fun for little kids, but painful to adults and movie lovers.

Psyko D (ru) wrote: I absolutely adore this movie...... well the orginal Japanese screenplay.

Walter M (ag) wrote: In "Telstar," Geoff Goddard(Tom Burke) gets a rude awakening to the music business in 1961 as Major Banks(Kevin Spacey) has little idea that he is a writer when he shows up to work at a chaotic music studio in London. Joe Meek(Con O'Neill) has more important things on his mind like the ambient sound in the bathroom. And then there is Mrs. Shenton(Pam Ferris), his landlady, who wants to know what the black spots in her ceiling are. Meek tells her that it is only rubber cement; so that's alright, then. With its cool period music, injections of visual panache and intriguing subject, "Telstar" clearly should have been better, but never truly escapes its stage origins, especially in an introductory scene that goes on forever. And the movie lacks any serious point of view, as Goddard comes and goes as he pleases. As far as Meek goes, the movie cannot make up its mind about him. On the one hand, we have somebody who had one, maybe two good ideas(if that), and apparently passed on every band who hit it big in the 60's. But then hindsight is always 20/20. After which, the movie tries to go in the completely opposite direction in the postscript by mentioning how much an innovator he was. So, which was it?

Gerard D (ag) wrote: Ow ow ow, Nessie got out of her Loch, using subterranean tunnels en arrives in North America, in a lake, with her whole family, out for blood. Luckily there's a cryptozoologist packed with a sonar, rifle, and laserguns. All very predictable, but if you see this one with some friends and a beer in the hand, you're in for a good time.

Tanya L (jp) wrote: sa this mov ie tonight after yrs omg lol so corny

Kenny N (jp) wrote: No stars. Who was this movie made for? It's creepy, upsetting, and it's ending is a total slap in the face to anyone who got through this muck without feeling like killing themselves. Watch this if you hate Christmas and Christmas films.

mi s (kr) wrote: Childhood memory.. I LOVE THIS ONE

Jeff D (gb) wrote: The most generic 80's comedy imaginable. Even the great John Candy is no match for Summer Rental's bland script.

Tasos L (au) wrote: Nothing similar to other Bava films..

The Critic (ag) wrote: Amusing, though not side-slitting Abbott and Costello caper.

Bruce B (au) wrote: Just another Tarzan movie from my childhood when Tarzan was a role model. Wouldn't happen today as Tarzan never served in prison, doesn't have tattoo's, doesn't run with gangs, and some consider Tarzan movies to be racist, how can that be when Tarzan was always helping the natives and saving them from the white hunters and explorers. As with any Tarzan movie 5 stars.

Pan C (mx) wrote: Not as jarring as part 3, though a bit more forgettable. The travelling but-kicker wanders onto a criminal counterfeiting plot, and has to do the cops' job by doing what he does. Mildly entertaining.