First Sunday

First Sunday

Durell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for.

The film follows two thieves: Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan do not have a prayer in First Sunday. They uncover their cash is stolen so they determine to find out who is robber. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tonya V (au) wrote: There is just something about snippy little girls that makes me want to punch them all.

Nicolai K (kr) wrote: Den var sku meget god, men sluttningen stank

Tony S (mx) wrote: another example of good comedians failing at being in a good cartoon film. first with Adam Sandler in a crazy nights and now this terrible

Yves S (br) wrote: A very effective ghost film, though not nearly as much fun as Brotherhood of the Wolf. Creepy, subtle, beautifully shot and acted. The ending could have used a little more work -- or possibly explanation. But overall, fans of atmospheric ghost films will not be disappointed. AVOID THE DUBBED VERSION! See it in the original French with subtitles.

Paula V (jp) wrote: Its really clever! hilarious and cute. LOVED it!

Elsa R (ag) wrote: Me encanta! Una de las mejores peliculas mexicanas de los ultimos anios. Ese Mexico escondido en las viejas vecindades que aun se asoma por la gran ciudad. La direccion de camaras audazmente utilizada para mostrar la individualidad de las historias que a la vez se entrelazan es magnifica. Las actuaciones: magistrales!!!

Tamiah B (fr) wrote: I love this movie. It has very interesting dynamics regarding love/marriage vs. lust, childrearing/parentng, gender roles and intra racial dynamics in the Latino community, which is often overlooked .

Justin20 K (gb) wrote: One of the most fun western movies I've seen and closest in accuracy of the movies about Billy the Kid. The sequel is a must watch afterward. Both movies are equally good to quote, if you're into that. The soundtrack for the movies are pretty good as well.

Brian P (ru) wrote: This has got to be one of the worst Egyptian Evil tomb Curse movies! Bob sounds nothing like he did in House by the Cemetery. Confusing situations that are not explained. Very Poor...

Robbie M (au) wrote: Brilliantly spare. It is at moments so clinical in tone as to make you ache for feeling, but the child grounds us, and the humanism of Itard is reliably forthcoming. At my former employer, I was a champion of two simultaneously published children's books about the boy: the picture book The Wild Boy and the novel Victor, both by Mordecai Gerstein. Those books were perfection, as is this film, though all are approached quite differently. It is a timeless story that only benefits from reinterpretation from contemporary angles of insight.This movie was released the year I was born, yet it is shot and feels like some serious gem from the 1930s. I was a little ambivalent during the viewing of it, but in immediate retrospect, I think this is rather a great work of art.And the boy actor is AMAZING.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Tristan M (it) wrote: Hear this one way be a remake, but honestly I couldn't help but enjoy it. Mel Gibson does a great job playing the role of a distressed cop and dad of a murdered daughter who was right in from of him, who has nothing to lose and a killer to take down. Something we have seen before for sure, but this one is enjoyable and fun to watch. Mel's good, but is a little lacking on the emotion, which may be intended but not from what I can gather. The story is standard police content, the search, breaking a couple of laws, some action, and their personalities. The big corporations that he's against pose a unusually large threat than just gangs and murderers. The action takes a turn for the most bloody right off the bat when the daughter is shot at point blank range right at their doorstep, and Mel taking down the big corporations employe who was trying to run over the girl that was giving him inside information with a car was awesome too. But the real best part was the ending, where Mel's slays his daughters killer and the big companies boss in the most fashionable and awesome way possible, then seeing him walking out of the hospital holding his daughters hand implying him dying of his wounds was great. Has some good actors as well as Mel, who all do well, although there's nothing extraordinary. Overall good movie, very entertaining watch, some awesome action scenes, satisfying executions of bad guys, and good script. Would watch again for sure.

Jatinder S (au) wrote: I remember watched, This great movie!

Tristan M (us) wrote: Typical 90s action movie, starting one of the times most popular actors. The story so that of Tom Clancy, and stars his famous Jack Ryan as the main character. I'm not really a big fan of Clancy's, although the story is good it's one of agents and make-belive plots, that dosen't really do it for me. Movie wise it gets off to a good start, but still features common clich (C)s such as Hack running at a terrorist, body checking him, which results in him being knocked out. It is seen more than once in the movie, but it's something that simply dosen't happen. So besides the fact that the movie should been over before it began, it started good. It was a predictable movie to say the least, everything being pretty standard of the time, and painfully clear of what is going to happen. The action is ok, but over the top mostly, and some of the gun sounds are pretty crap. The acting is good, script is good, the ending is dumb. A one-vs-one boat chase, where Sean Bean dies (like the rest of his movies) and one of the boats his a today and explodes into a ball of fire. The other two bag guys who survived the battle at the house simply were not mentioned again, and they are problably seen again in another Jack Ryan movie I'm guessing. But otherwise standard action flick of the time, felt older mabey, but decently well done. Not my fav Tom Clancy movie, but not the worst either.