Fish Story

Fish Story

A rock band writes a song called "Fish Story" based on a sentence from a badly translated novel by a quack translator. The song exceeds the boundaries of space and time and ties people and their stories together. Thirty-seven years go by, and the song strikes a comet and saves the Earth from total destruction.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:comet,   boy,   beach,  

In the year 2012 a comet approaches earth, threatening to end civilization when it impacts. On the streets of Japan, a single music store remains open, its proprietor insisting to his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Millo T (au) wrote: For what I have seen, it seems more that tries to be a summary of the Bosnian war that a story inside the Bosnian war. It is good that you try to write about an important human fact, but the story should add something more, in order that you do not only watch things to cry about. I would have to watch it complete, but at the moment, it looks 2 stars + half an additional one because of the issue it talks about. I am not going to take part in the polemic about the partiality of the story: probably the plot reflects accurately what happened in one side, and you can figure out some of these things also happened in the other.

Robbie T (br) wrote: It's not bad. But, can Johnnie To and his team make something different?

Gayle G (nl) wrote: this is one of the inspiring movies i have ever seen.. i really recommend this movie to everyone.. i love the story and the story lines.. very encouraging as a Christian.. can't wait to see the next series of this novel.. very touching.. i praise God for giving me the chance to see this movie.. this movie inspires me to serve the Lord more and trust Him more and more everyday.. go and see this movie..

Richard R (kr) wrote: Another miserable attempt to remake a zombie classic

Marie A (ag) wrote: Both heart-wrenching and heart-warming.An honest narration of transformation and redemption mottled in with a somewhat generic story of sibling rivalry. That said, I most certainly enjoyed watching In Her Shoes.

Holly F (de) wrote: Shouldn't have been made. Nothing origina or interestingl, the first three prophecies was completed.

jesus h (ag) wrote: inspirada en una historia verdadera

Roope K (kr) wrote: Great movie, great music ..

Darlene K (mx) wrote: awesome movie with some in your face scares and a twist I didn't see coming at first when I watched this movie as a child. without giving any spoilers ill just say, what comes around goes around. I recomend seeing this movie to those who haven't.

Brandan W (nl) wrote: House Party 3 to me was a disapointment. The jokes, just weren't there.It's A Shame as the first film was great. My advice is just stay with the first film.

Riley H (gb) wrote: One of the better Canadian movies I've ever seen. Really great soundtrack, too.

Carlos I (it) wrote: So damn great! Zemeckis can do no wrong. It's like watching a classic episode of Tales From The Crypt.

Diana C (br) wrote: This is one awesome movie.

aaron w (au) wrote: Visually amazing and good plot. But the same "white man saves the natives" cliche

Matthew B (ru) wrote: While Driving Miss Daisy isn't what i call a best picture winner, since there were more deserving movies that came out that year, but the movie shouldn't get hate just for that. The movie is sweet, charming and heartwarming. This is the kind of film that granny's go to watch and after it's over their something like "That was nice". Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy were excellent in this movie, as both of them had great chemistry and very entertaining conversations between them. It dose get kind of dull at times and i do wish the films pasting was a bit better, but that's just me. I say it's worth checking out, because there's plenty of things to like and appreciate in this movie.