Fisherman's Fire

Fisherman's Fire

Fisherman Choon-sam (Yoon Buk-yang) is suffering financially because of a prolonged scarcity of fish. Pestered by miserly Mr. Jang to pay back his debt, Choon-sam goes out to sea in hopes of a catch but meets a watery end instead. As payment for the debt, Mr. Jang tries to take Choon-sam's daughter In-soon as his second wife. Meanwhile, In-soon (Park Noh-kyung) is mutually in love with Chun-suk (Park Hak), but torn about the suggestion of Ok-bun (Chun Hyo-bong), who lives in Seoul, to join her in the city. In order to get a job and pay back her father's debt, In-soon follows Mr. Jang's son Chul-soo to Seoul, not knowing that he harbors illicit intentions toward her.

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Steven L (nl) wrote: Director Joshua Marston tried to be as meticulous as possible in understanding the unwritten laws of Albania, ones that force the males of a family to hide when one of them is targeted for revenge. To outsiders, it is almost baffling. The film's themes focus on contrasts, of young and old, tradition and modern times, law and unwritten law, and more. It is an intriguing film.

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