A Greek History Professor & his daughter travel to a Greek Island for one last chance to finish his thesis on ancient love spells before he loses his research grant. His daughter attempts to match her father with the local women without sucess until she meets a beautiful Mermaid with whose help the Professor might finally find true love for himself.

The film takes place on the Greek Island of Spetses, where widowed Greek-History Professor Thomas Bradley is about to lose his research grant studying ancient love spells. He knows he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fishtales torrent reviews

Hallie C (fr) wrote: Not sure why people rated it badly.It's a sad, moving movie. Has very good CGI, not perfect, but still good. Definitely NOT a kid's movie, however. I would watch it once before you show your kids.Great movie! Would watch again many times!

Matt C (ag) wrote: What a cinematic masterpiece that i have never seen, im just reviewing it for class, these people look old. they have wigs. thats cool. bet they where ordered off craigslist. im tired of righting. Shoutuout to the 300 million people that live in the United States!!!!

Ryan S (it) wrote: 3/5. One of the best unintentional comedies I have ever seen. Lake Placid 2 does nothing right on any level of making a good film, but it is so damn hilarious and entertaining that I don't even care.

mokren a (de) wrote: [email protected]

Kimutai B (de) wrote: Shark Attack 3:megalodon::: It's simply atrocious!Damn son! This has got to be the worst movie ever produced, hands down. It boasts the worst cast making it vicariously at the same level as motorama! The characters have no chemistry at all. It's like they brought a bunch of hobos and had them 'act'. It's dreadful how zombie-like they read the lines. Their emotions don't go with the words! Decisions made in the entire movie are horrendous and mind-boggling!Whoever performed the stunts was God-awful. One can clearly see that the guys take a leap of faith from the 'safe' yacht when the shark comes knocking. Pun intended. I kid you not when I say a guy jumps into the 75fters shark's mouth!I also have an issue with a grunting shark! It bellows, roars and squeals! To be utterly honest it reminded me of king kong! I haven't seen a shark yet but that's just plain wrong.I never heard of a pilot who responds to distress flares as: "what the hell is that?" really? And the lifeguards guarding 100s of people have whistles to blow to warn people. NO public address systems. haha.Just because it's a low budget release doesn't mean we should be subjected to some mediocrity!! Unbelievable! This guy was even trying to bludgeon the shark to death to save the damsel in distress!Worst line of the movie: "I'm really wired. What do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?" does that even work? Ludicrous!All in all: don't bother to watch it. It will annoy you more than it would entertain. But if you're a fan of the worst movies, this should be a highroller.

Justin B (us) wrote: Where to begin? The production value of an episode of Viper. The tone of a "very special" JAG. The violence of a Sopranos season finale. The gratuitous skin of my brother's flash drive. Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts. Just press play.

Kostas T (us) wrote: wraia upothesi alla ligo anamenomeni ekseliksi!!!!!!!

Lisa K (mx) wrote: Adorable, classic... I can't get over Patricia Charbonneau in this movie. Great performances by the whole cast really, and the story is well-written. To be fair though, I think it did lack a bit in development of both characters and story. The relationship between Vivian and Cay is so perfect though, the tension, the fear, the love, the affection... very well done. The ending leaves me so happy, because I know in my heart that it wasn't just 40 more minutes with each other;)

Private U (fr) wrote: Almost certainly Pete Walker's worst film.

Georgia C (es) wrote: a wonderful movie, an absolute must see.

Daniel M (au) wrote: awesome! awesome! awesome!

Tyler P (jp) wrote: Mouais, heureusement qu'il y a Kevin Bacon.

Cassandra M (fr) wrote: When three mutilated bodies are found in Moscow's Gorky Park, Chief Militia Renko suspects KGB involvement and wants to drop the case. Encouraged to continue by his superior, his suspicions are eventually confirmed but he uncovers a larger plot involving the friend of one of the victims and an American furrier who trades in rare sable pelts.This is my favourite Cold War thriller - despite the fact that it's got nothing to do with the Cold War - based on a great book by Martin Cruz Smith filled with action and intrigue and with a first-rate script by Dennis Potter, bursting with dramatic tension and character nuance. Its best feature is the marvellous casting by Mary Selway; Hurt is sensational as Renko, a brilliantly atypical hero, gaunt and pale-faced, dogged and relentless, drab but passionate, double-crossed and always on the receiving end of beatings, but indefatigable in his pursuit. He's supported by three great actors; the elfin, amazing-looking Pacula as the key witness Irina, the solid, ever-reliable Dennehy as a New York cop whose brother was one of the victims, and the iconic Marvin, in one of his last great roles, as the decadent furrier out to smash the Russian sable monopoly. The all-British supporting cast is equally full of great players, notably McDiarmid as a creepy professor and comedians Fulton and Sayle as a KGB Major and informant respectively. Made prior to the lifting of the ban on filming in Russia, the movie was shot in Helsinki, but Paul Sylbert's production design does a fantastic job of putting us in snowy Moscow, filled with food- lines, little Lada cars and Romanov architecture. Even better is James Horner's fabulous driving score, which ramps up the tension and batters the viewer into submission at all the key moments. Filled with quotable dialogue (when Renko borrows his lawyer friend's gun, the friend says, "It's a lawyer's special issue. It probably won't shoot straight."), great scenes, rich characters and mesmerising performances, this a superb thriller from the sporadically-brilliant Apted (check out his Continental Divide and Gorillas In The Mist as well) that is not to be missed.

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/26/2012)

Porto S (ru) wrote: nejnejnej, kunne blitt en kult film da ,meeeen........

Paul C (fr) wrote: I was not dissapointed in this movie or in the mixed ratings it must have received to earn the rotten tomato rating. In fact, I watched it twice and was just as taken with the characters and the nuanced performances of the cast as I was of the courage it took the director and editors to present such a consistently human vision of what a world that knows its days are numbered might actually look like. "Tender, charming, and well-acted", yes, "hamstrung by jarring tonal shifts and a dissapointing final act", not if the movie is meant to paint both a literal and metaphoric picture of the seeming fickleness of time, love, and space. That said, most people prefer their end of the world comedy/romances served with safety and a side of predictability. I'll take mine with jarring shifts and a giant asteroid exploding into the final act. How many tomatos can I give this?

Gena D (au) wrote: Meh, looked like a made for TV movie. Wasn't terrible, had the beast hooked. Didn't hook me as a kid nor did it this time.Was funny to hear the genie voiced by Homer J Simpson though. :p