Five and the Spies

Five and the Spies

En børnefilm efter den engelske forfatter Enid Blytons meget populære De Fem-bøger, oversat til 37 sprog. Den kvikke Georgina (Lone Thielke) kommer - sammen med Julian (Mads Rahbek) Dick (Niels Kibenich), Anne (Sanne Knudsen) og Schäferhunden Tim på sporet af spioner, der stjæler tophemmelige formler fra Georginas far. De paragraffer klarer de fem.

The children Julian, Dick and Anne spends a summer holiday at the Kirrin Farm, where there cousin Georgina lives with her dog Tim, and her parents. The tomboyish Georgina is punished for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Little D (fr) wrote: It started off a little bit interesting, but the ending was really unoriginal and kind of dumb. It's not really much of a horror movie....

Robert H (us) wrote: 2012 Ice Age borrows from the title of one Emmerich film and combines it with elements of another Emmerich film to create something that will just blow your mind!!! Normally when you watch a Roland Emmerich film you had to turn off your brain and just enjoy what's going on. Trying to think too much about what you see on the screen can give you a headache. With 2012 Ice Age... you have to go even further. I'd suggest removing your brain completely cause there is absolutely nothing remotely believeable happening in this film. There is plenty of terrible CG work, a myriad of stock footage combined with digital snow, poor attempts at location ghosting, nothing realistic, and lost of actual footage of snow storms to form what has to be seen to be believed. Do not see this film as a serious natural disaster flick. Do not see it as a fun and entertaining adventure film. Do not see this film because you think it shows any kind of skill, has any kind of artistic merrit, or any semblance of a good movie. See this film for pure jokes. This is camp beyond camp. God I wish it was played more straight and with better FX cause it could have been brilliant... in its current form, enjoy it for what it is but don't expect much. If you're in the right mood the film should make you laugh but if you like to nitpic details, 2012 Ice Age will leave you pulling your hair out.Truly is a film that plays better with friends... and perhaps after a few alcoholic beverages.

Richard L (au) wrote: This was the only film that we got to see at this years San Diego Latino Film Festival but it was worth being the only one. It tackles very important themes and prejudices. I challenge anyone not to judge a book by it's cover. Read the book, then judge if you must, but at least be opened to be challenged. A brave film.

Patrick B (nl) wrote: Action and direction were fairly well done, but the writing needed some serious work. The entire plot was kind of hard to follow. I'm going to review this film, because that is my habit when I give a film a bad rating.

Jerry T (nl) wrote: Great movie about the NYC mob. The fact that it is a true story makes it even more interesting. Great cast.

John H (de) wrote: An absorbing and underrated genre film with something to say about familiar topics -police corruption, racism, sexism, civil rights. Strangely the film succeeds even though it doesn't have much new to say about these topics. Quality performances lift this above the merely average. Good stuff from Boatman as a black rookie cop trying to break into an all-white (and all bad) police department, Ice Cube as the justifiably surly victim of wrongful prosection for a murder he didn't commit, Lori Petty as Boatman's and a number of others. The plot's a good one though the ending is a bit abrupt. Caught this one on the Independent Film Channel, 7/12/08. You might find it there too.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Henning B (gb) wrote: Nur ein Jahr spter rausgekommen als der erste Film, aber qualitativ ne ganze Ecke besser! Nicht der beste Asterix, aber auf Platz 3 kommt er bei mir schon ^^

Henry O (us) wrote: An entertaining and heartwarming childhood favorite. I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat.

Waleed A (ag) wrote: great movie with a great story. awesome acting and very moving. a little long but some very intense scenes. (about 3 viewings)