Five Children and It

Five Children and It

A Psammead is 'It', an ancient, irritable, ugly sand fairy, which five children find one day in a gravel pit. As a reward for finding him, It grants the children one wish a day, the results of which will last until sunset.

Four children staying in their eccentric uncle's labyrinthine mansion for protection during World War I befriend a sand fairy who has the power to grant wishes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (br) wrote: Weirdly original and smart. Builds to a surprising conclusion that made me feel better about the story's journey to getting there.this is one I'm gonna want to rewatch to get more out of it.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A generic, derivative and stupid Psycho rip-off that doesn't mind insulting the viewer's intelligence all the way through, with a ridiculous twist that makes no sense and only makes it more than evident that no one involved gave a crap about it.

Susan P (gb) wrote: It's not perfect, but this was a pretty solid movie in both storytelling and acting, and I see almost nothing but crap reviews! I don't think it got the press it should of, because I had never heard of it, and it's Channing/Pacino! Watched it on Starz, and even though I basically guessed the ending, that didn't make the journey any less compelling. So I'm giving this all the stars to balance out the people who didn't pay attention or didn't think it was "real" enough (seemed very plausible to me). I recommend it, but there isn't an ounce of humor in it, no explosions, and it's a gritty drama/suspense film.

Lloyd D (au) wrote: I dont think the people who hated this understood the joke behind the film. It was a respectuful tribute to Gorden Lewis the Gofather of gore. A director of bad films goes nutz after a car accident and runs amuck killing everyone he works with one by one. The acting is over the top but it was intended that way and the direction has the wink win nod to horror fans. Awesome kills and plenty of gore. The scene where Ozzy throws up a harpoon and catches it with his chest and stands there admiring the thing sticking out of his chest before he acts out pain makes the point of they were not takig the film seriously and its clearly tounge in cheek. I loved it.

Becki D (au) wrote: this is most definalty in my top five of fav films ever- i love joe flanigan and i could watch this film over and over anytime

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Great scripted and Hoffman is the best I've ever seen him...

Cj O (nl) wrote: I can't believe this is an 80's movie! The special effects are much worse than that! Zombie Nightmare hardly had any actual horror! it just felt like watching a fifties Boris Karloff movie with Adam West, who's character wasn't well adapted! They also left some things about him unexplained, and he pointlessly dies at the very end! I don't normally spoil things about movies on my reviews, but I can't recommend this movie for anyone unless your a huge Adam West fan. The cast wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. The movie was OK with the "Mystery Science Theater" treatment, but this is just a movie that tries to use some recycled horror elements that just don't appeal anymore such as blondes screaming about a very slow-moving grunting monster while she just sits their screaming like a broken record of Minnie Mouse holding a high note! It's not one of the worst movies ever, but it's not something to waste your time with unless, again, your a big Adam West fan.

Gimly M (de) wrote: Much harder to take seriously after having seen the multitudes of parodies it has had taken off of it, despite its exceedingly dark subject matter. Still a good film though.